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In Post-Hurricane Haiti, Hunger, Suffering & Vulnerability Continue

What does life look like today for many Haitians, 6 months after Hurricane Matthew? The ongoing effects of the hurricane, and its implications for the coming months, create a bleak situation in which desperate community members cannot feed their families, but cannot make the changes necessary to ensure stability in the future. There is no food, and thousands of people still reside in temporary shelters, tents or caves without proper sanitation, rendering them vulnerable to cholera. Many children that were forced to leave school have not yet returned or are unable to do so, and farmers and fishermen lost the resources upon which they depend to make a living. Clearly, the “chaotic” situation in post-Matthew Haiti continues to leave many vulnerable Haitians at risk. Part of the article is shown below. Click HERE for the original article. Six months post-hurricane, hunger gnaws at southern Haiti […]

Haiti’s Rival Parties Claim Victory in Elections

Former president Martelly’s PHTK party declared victory, despite the continuation of ballot counting by Provisional Electoral Council (CEP). With partial voting returns, PHTK spokesman precipitously declared the election victorious for Jovenel Moise; “hundreds” of Fanmi Lavalas supporters in Port-au-Prince also claim they secured victory in Maryse Narcisse. CEP head Leopold Berlanger warned directly after polls closed Sunday of provisional and incomplete returns “should not be used to predict the result.” State Department spokesman John Kirby encouraged preparing a second round vote if needed and a new president “in early 2017” in Haiti. Read part of the article below. Rival parties claim victory in Haiti’s presidential election American Foreign Press, France 24 November 22nd, 2016 Two of Haiti’s biggest parties stoked tension on Monday by claiming victory for their candidates in a long-delayed presidential election days before official results are due to be released.Nearly 6.2 […]

Interim President Privert Plans to Investigate Martelly’s Financial Mismanagement

Throughout Michel Martelly’s term as president of Haiti, there were accusations of him mismanaging funds, being corrupt and allowing his son and wife to embezzle funds. Haiti’s new interim president, Jocelerme Privert, has now promised to investigate these claims, saying that he “has not ruled out convening a task force” for the job. Haiti interim president vows to hold former leaders accountable AFP, Yahoo! News February 20, 2016 Port-au-Prince (AFP) – Haiti’s interim president Jocelerme Privert vowed Friday to do “everything in his power” to hold the previous administration accountable for its actions, amid allegations of corruption and mismanagement. Privert said he has met with leaders from civil society and political parties, as well as everyday citizens, who are demanding that the previous government of Michel Martelly be called to account for its less than stellar record of governance. “I […]

Celestin still adamant that he won’t participate in “electoral masquerade” as run-off approaches

Campaigning for the 2nd round of Haiti’s presidential elections has already started; despite the runner up to the first round claiming he will not be participating. Celestin refuses to campaign or run until an independent electoral commission follows up on the previous round which had him finishing 2nd. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for full text. Crisis looms as Haiti 2nd-round presidential campaigning kicks off Amelie Baron, L’Agence France-Presse (AFP) January 9, 2016 Port-au-Prince (AFP) – Campaigning for the second round of Haiti’s presidential election opened Friday, with the opposition candidate refusing to participate without sweeping reforms to the process. Haiti, the poorest nation in the Americas, has endured years of political crisis aggravated by its attempt to recover from the massive January 2010 earthquake that claimed some 200,000 lives. Candidate Jude Celestin “will not launch his campaign and will […]

Haiti Faces a Humanitarian Crisis with Cholera at the Center

According to the head of the UN Office for the Coordinaton of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Haiti is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis. OCHA says that cholera cases are up 300% in early 2015. According to UN data, nearly 20,000 people have been affected and 170 killed by the disease since the beginning of the year. In all, more than 8,800 Haitians have died of cholera since it appeared in October 2010 and, even today, cases recorded in Haiti surpass the total number of people with the disease elsewhere in the world. On top of the cholera problem, thousands of people are fleeing the Dominican Republic into Haiti. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Cholera, climate change fuel Haiti’s humanitarian crisis: UN Amelie Baron, France24 August 19, 2015 PORT-AU-PRINCE (AFP) – Climate change, cholera and the […]

Over 17,000 Migrants “Voluntarily” Leave Dominican Republic

According to Dominican authorities, over 17,000 undocumented Haitians have left the Dominican Republic (DR) for Haiti since June 17th. Right now, the DR government says it will help those who want to leave voluntarily but promises to begin deportations after this phase is over. This is despite outcry from the human rights community ever since DR announced deportations for those who failed to meet a June 17th registration deadline. Many also fear that those who simply “look Haitian” will be swept up in the deportations, regardless of their legal status. Dominican Republic says 17,000 Haitians return voluntarily AFP, Yahoo News June 27, 2015 Santo Domingo (AFP) – More than 17,000 undocumented Haitians have voluntarily left the Dominican Republic since the end of a controversial registration process that left thousands of people facing deportation, officials said Friday. The Dominican Republic gave undocumented immigrants, the […]

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