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50 Federasyon ak òganizasyon kanpe kont don pistach Etazini an

Reprezantan 50 Federasyon ak òganizasyon ayisyen pibliye yon deklarasyon kont don pistach Depatman agrikilti peyi Etazini (USDA) vle voye ane sa-a. USDA gen lentansyon voye 500 tòn metrik pistach ayiti, swadizan pou ede timoun ki grangou. Men ayiti deja pwodwi pistach, donk chajman sa kapab gen yon trè move efè sou ekonomi ayiti. Gwoup sa yo sonje jan masak kochon kreyòl yo ak chajman diri etazini te detwi ekonomi ayiti nan ane 1980 yo epi yo pa vle menm bagay la rive ak pistach yo tou. Yon pati deklarasyon an pi ba. Klike ISI pou li tout tèks la, e ISI pou wè siyati yo. DEKLARASYON OGANIZASYON POPILÈ SOU KOZE ENPÒTASYON PISTACH 20 jiyè 2016 Nou menm reprezantan 50 Federasyon ak òganizasyon, ki sòti nan 10 depatman yo e ki te reyini nan Montrouis sòti 10 pou rive 21 jiyè nan okazyon reyalizasyon […]

The USDA Aims to Provide Sustainable Aid to Haiti

In response to calls against the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s plan to ship tons of peanuts to Haiti, a peanut-producing country, the USDA wrote the letter below. In it, the USDA describes how it has been working to ensure peanut aid programs do not saturate the internal market for native goods. In addition, it also says it is providing support and expert advice to help grow the entire agricultural industry within the nation. Part of the letter is below. Click HERE for the full text. Letter From the USDA Phil Karsting, USDA – Foreign Agricultural Service The United States is committed to supporting the people of Haiti by helping to create jobs, boost incomes, reduce extreme poverty and ensure greater food security, especially for its most vulnerable citizens. Nearly one-third of Haitian children suffer from chronic malnutrition and stunting, and […]

Why is everyone so worried about USDA’s peanut shipment to Haiti?

When the US Department of Agriculture announced a plan to ship surplus US peanuts to Haiti to feed malnourished children, there was an immediate and prolonged backlash. From Haitian farmers to economists to human rights groups in the US, many spoke out urging the USDA to reconsider, especially given the devastating impact US shipments of rice had on Haiti’s rice market and farmers. While the plan may sound generous on the surface, the USDA doesn’t seem to have done any market analysis or sought to make this plan sustainable without interfering with Haitian peanut farmers’ livelihoods. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Dumping nuts Raymond C. Offenheiser, The Hill May 11, 2016 It’s a classic case of good intentions gone bad. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is planning to dump 500 metric tons of […]

USDA’s Plan to Ship Peanuts to Haiti Benefits U.S., Not Haiti

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently announced a plan to ship 500 metric tons of peanuts to Haiti to help with the current hunger crisis resulting from a drought in the country. The problem? Haitians already grow plenty of their own peanuts, which also are a drought-resistant plant. Many nonprofits and aid organizations, including IJDH, have stood up against this plan that would likely devastate Haiti’s economy. As one nonprofit leader says in this article: “When other crops fail, peanuts are what [Haitians are] literally relying on to survive.” Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. U.S. To Ship Peanuts To Feed Haitian Kids; Aid Groups Say ‘This Is Wrong’ Clare Leschin-Hoar, NPR May 5, 2016 On paper, sending surplus U.S. peanuts to feed 140,000 malnourished Haitian schoolchildren for a full year sounds like a heroic plan. […]

An Open Letter to the USDA and USAID on planned peanut shipment to Haiti

(Lèt sa-a an kreyòl anba vèzyon anglè-a.) To: Tom Vilsack, US Secretary of Agriculture, United States Department of Agriculture and Gayle Smith, Administrator, United States Agency for International Development cc: to Kenneth Merten, Haiti Special Coordinator for State Dept We, the undersigned, represent a broad range of social movements, human rights and development organizations, food sovereignty and agriculture organizations, foundations, and community groups in both Haiti and the United States. We stand together in calling for an immediate cancellation of the USDA’s planned shipment of 500 metric tons of peanuts to Haitian schools as part of its “Stocks for Food” program. While the gesture may be well-intentioned, this program stands to become the latest in a long history of U.S-sponsored programs that have destabilized Haiti’s agricultural sector, driving the nation further into poverty while increasing its dependence on foreign aid. […]

U.S. Intervention in Haiti’s Agriculture and Elections

Right now, Haitians are speaking out against US intervention in two major sectors: agriculture and elections. In agriculture, the US Department of Agriculture plans to ship 500 metric tons of Haiti to help with the hunger crisis, despite the fact that Haiti is already self-sufficient in the peanut industry. If carried out, this plan will destabilize Haiti’s agricultural sector, just like similar programs have done in the past. Regarding elections, U.S. proconsul Kenneth Merten has been making many trips to Haiti to meet with Haiti’s political leaders. While most Haitians demand a verification of the previous rounds of elections, Merten has asked that the verification be very quick and not change the results (though the verification is expected to find rampant fraud). Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Don’t Dump Peanuts on Haiti, Campaigners Tell the […]

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