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Shortly After Admission of UN Involvement in Cholera, Court Dismisses Case

After nearly six years of denying responsibility for bringing cholera to Haiti, a spokesman for the United Nations conceded UN involvement. Shortly after that, a U.S. Appeals Court upheld the UN’s immunity from suit in a claim on behalf of the victims of the UN’s epidemic. The three judges who made the decision said that the appeal was “without merit,” despite the fact that the UN has not held its end of the treaty by providing the victims with access to justice. Lawyers for the victims, who have 90 days to decide whether to appeal to the Supreme Court, “will decide how to proceed based on whether the U.N.’s actions fulfill the cholera victims’ rights to an effective remedy.” —- U.S. judge upholds U.N. immunity in Haiti cholera case Anastasia Moloney, Thomson Reuters August 19, 2016 BOGOTA, Aug 19 (Thomson Reuters […]

Signs of Cholera Justice Starting to Come from the UN

Though the United Nations’ admission of involvement in Haiti’s cholera epidemic isn’t as strong as it could or should be, it still marks a turning point in the UN’s response to the epidemic. This admission comes along with many other important steps that build pressure for justice for Haiti’s cholera victims, including a few reports showing that the UN was responsible and continued poor sanitation practices years into the epidemic, and a statement from a UNn spokesman promising the revelation of a set of new actions against cholera in coming months. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Cholera In Haiti: Court Says Victims Can’t Sue, But U.N. Promises Amends Richard Knox, CommonHealth/WBUR August 19, 2016 In 2010, United Nations peacekeeper forces infected with cholera unleashed a devastating outbreak of the disease in Haiti. So far the epidemic […]

Second Circuit Court Upholds UN Immunity in Cholera Case

On the same day that those who care about Haiti were celebrating the United Nations’ admission of responsibility in Haiti’s cholera epidemic, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit decided to uphold UN immunity in the same epidemic. The panel of three judges who decided the case argued that even though the UN provided cholera victims no chance to seek justice, it is still entitled to immunity. A UN spokesman has promised that the UN will “do much more” for cholera victims, and that new actions will be presented in two months. The plaintiffs in this case have 90 days to decide whether to appeal to the Supreme Court. If those actions really are taken, Beatrice Lindstrom, the lead lawyer for the plaintiffs, says another appeal will be unnecessary. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full […]

Following UN Admission of Responsibility for Haiti Cholera, U.S. Appeals Court Upholds UN Immunity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Mario Joseph, Av., Bureau des Avocats Internationaux, (in Haiti),, +509-3701-9878 (French, Creole, English) Brian Concannon, Jr., Esq., Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti,, +1-541-263-0029 (English, French, Creole) Beatrice Lindstrom, Esq., Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti,, +1-404-217-1302 (English, Creole, French) Following UN Admission of Responsibility for Haiti Cholera, U.S. Appeals Court Upholds UN Immunity Thursday August 18, Port-au-Prince, Boston, New York— In a decision released late today by the United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals, the Court upheld the United Nations’ immunity from claims filed on behalf of Haitian cholera victims. The decision concerned whether the UN’s alleged breach of obligations to settle claims out of court constituted a condition precedent to its immunity, such that the UN would not be able to claim immunity in court unless it offered […]

Haiti Needs a Truth, Justice and Redress Commission for UN Cholera

Recently, there have been some promising signs that the international community is ready to push the UN on accountability for the cholera epidemic it brought to Haiti. In a Second Circuit appeal hearing, three judges pushed a US attorney representing the UN on justice for the cholera victims; at a Security Council meeting, a few countries spoke out on justice and compensation; and even UN experts recommended a commission on truth, justice and redress. Especially after a recent report revealed that the number of cholera deaths may be three times higher than current figures, the US should push for formation of such a commission to ensure that cholera victims finally have justice. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Truth and justice for Haiti Editorial, The Boston Globe April 4, 2016 VICTIMS OF HAITI’S raging […]

Audio Recording from Oral Argument in Georges v. United Nations (3/1/2016)

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