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L’université Aristide ouvre sa faculté des sciences juridiques et politiques

By Louis-Joseph Olivier, Le Nouvelliste July 10, 2013   L’université de la fondation Aristide a annoncé, lundi, l’ouverture de sa faculté des sciences juridiques et politiques, avant de lancer un séminaire de formation sur la médecine sociale. Ces initiatives sont le fruit de partenariats entre l’université Aristide et des universités étrangères. L’université de la fondation Aristide (UNIFA) a lancé les inscriptions pour une nouvelle discipline, les sciences juridiques et politiques. L’annonce a été faite, lundi, par Mme Nicole Phillips, professeur à ladite faculté, lors d’une conférence de presse organisée à l’occasion de l’ouverture de cette nouvelle filière d’étude. « L’université de la fondation Aristide est ravie de l’ouverture de la faculté des sciences juridiques et politiques. L’équipe de la nouvelle faculté reflète la même diversité et le même partenariat que la faculté de médecine, » a déclaré l’avocate américaine, Nicole […]

‘We Want Our Voices To Be Heard’: Democracy in Haiti’s Earthquake Zone

By Laura Flynn “We are living in the mud.  We are wet and we are hungry.  Those in charge have left us without hope. If they have a plan we do not know it.   We are asking about the future.   And we want our voices to be heard, ” Suzette Janvier, a resident of  St. Martin (a neighborhood of central Port-au-Prince) Each Saturday for the past two months a thousand or more Haitian earthquake survivors have met in the auditorium of the Aristide Foundation for Democracy to talk about the future of their country.   Since its founding in 1996 the Aristide Foundation, whose auditorium seats up to 3000 people, has provided a place for grassroots activists and ordinary Haitians to come together to debate and discuss national issues.  In response to the earthquake the Foundation is sponsoring weekly public forums […]

Mobile Schools in Haiti – update on the work of the Aristide Foundation

Laura Flynn, Aristide Foundation April 5, 2010 Mobile Schools in the Earthquake Zone An Update from the Aristide Foundation for Democracy – April 2, 2010   When the Aristide Foundation for Democracy launched our Mobile School project in late February we wanted to do two things quickly: support children living in refugee camps across Port-au-Prince and offer immediate employment to young Haitians at a time when the whole economy has collapsed.   With generous support from the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund we were able to get schools up and running very quickly.  Since late February we’ve been running Mobile Schools, three hours a day, five days a week, serving 1260 kids in 5 refugee camps in the earthquake zone. This project has surpassed our expectations at every level. First the amazing compassion, vitality and professionalism of the 102 monitors we called on […]

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