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UN Plans to “Provide Material Assistance” as Part of New Cholera Plan

Though United Nations special adviser David Nabarro continues to dodge questions of UN responsibility for cholera, he revealed that the new UN plan against cholera will include money for “material assistance” to cholera victims’ families. Though the exact amount wasn’t specified, about $100 million is expected to go to communities affected by cholera in Haiti. The other $100 million the UN is trying to raise will go to rapid response teams, cholera vaccines, and investing in water and sanitation infrastructure. UN wants $200 million to compensate Haiti cholera victims Michael Astor, AP/The Washington Post October 24, 2016 UNITED NATIONS — The United Nations says it is looking to raise $200 million from member states to compensate the families of people who have died from cholera in Haiti. David Nabarro, a special adviser to the secretary-general, said Monday that the money […]

UN Secretary General sees Hurricane Matthew’s Destruction

Six years after dumping untreated sewage in earthquake-torn Haiti, the United Nations finally accepted responsibility for introducing cholera. Ban Ki-moon visited hurricane victims in Haiti, after Beatrice Lindstrom of IDJH expressed hope the UN Secretary General would “fully acknowledge the U.N.’s responsibility for introducing cholera to Haiti.” Lindstrom said “The need for a new U.N. response that both controls and eliminates cholera and compensates the victims who have suffered so much is now more dire than ever.” Ban Ki-moon made no mention of guilt to the victims of cholera during this visit, nor did he mention falling very short of the UN’s $181 million special fund for cholera victims. UN Chief in Haiti Gets Glimpse of Matthew’s Destruction by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS October 15th, 2016 PORT­-AU-­PRINCE, Haiti — U.N. Secretary-­General Ban Ki­-moon visited victims of devastating Hurricane Matthew on Saturday, saying the destruction […]

A DEA Fugitive Runs for Haitian Senate

Guy Philippe is wanted by the US Drug Enforcement Agency for charges including conspiracy to import cocaine into the U.S. He’s also running for Senate in Haiti, with a lot of support from the town where his father was mayor. He even campaigned with one of the top presidential candidates earlier this year. Though there are many questions about Guy Philippe’s shady actions, he warns that if he loses the Senate race, there will be trouble. From remote stronghold, Haiti fugitive seeks political power David McFadden, Associated Press September 6, 2016 PESTEL, Haiti (AP) — Fishermen gathered eagerly at a rickety wooden pier to welcome a boat carrying Haiti’s most divisive and provocative political candidate. The crowd quickly cleared a path as Guy Philippe stepped to shore and began shaking hands and slapping backs. More people emerged to see the man […]

Special Verification Commission Declares Massive Fraud in Haitian Presidential Elections

After being installed by Haiti’s interim President Jocelerme Privert one month ago, a five-member verification commission charged with evaluating the 2015 presidential elections came to the conclusion that electoral fraud indeed appeared to have been masterminded at the highest level. On Monday, Commission President Pierre Francois Benoit recommended a complete re-run to the final decision making body, the reconfigured Provisional Electoral Council. Benoit pointed to signs of significant fraud, including multiple ballots with the same fingerprint and deceased voter participation. The first place candidate of the election was Jovenel Moise, a Tet Kale party candidate handpicked and well-funded by the previous President Michel Martelly. Moise has yet to comment on the commission’s findings. While some international monitors believe the fall balloting reflects the true will of the voters, number two finisher Jude Celestin has voiced his discontent in conjunction with the expressed concern of several civil society groups. […]

Haiti Preps for Election Verification Through Continued U.S. Pressure

As Haiti prepares for the long-awaited election verification, the U.S. State Department’s special coordinator for Haiti has been meeting with Haitian officials. The U.S. stance is to complete the verification process as soon as possible and not change any of the previous election results. But what if the verification discovers the massive fraud that those in favor of verification have alleged? US official visits Haiti to assess progress toward elections David McFadden, The Washington Post April 28, 2016 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — The U.S. State Department’s special coordinator for Haiti arrived in the troubled Caribbean nation Thursday seeking to help resolve a political standoff that has left elections in limbo. Kenneth Merten began talks with Haitian officials and international partners focusing on steps needed to conclude a stalled electoral cycle that began last year. The U.S. was careful in its language, saying Merten […]

Triple Murder of Disabled Haitian Women Highlights the Need for Change

People with disabilities are often stigmatized and vulnerable in society, particularly in developing countries. Haiti is no exception and this was recently highlighted by the brutal murders of three deaf women who were walking home together at night. This triple murder has sparked protests and other advocacy from disabled rights groups who are trying to change the perceptions of disabled people in Haiti. Nicole Phillips, an IJDH Staff Attorney who is now working on this case, is quoted in this article. Slaying of 3 deaf women in Haiti highlights vulnerability David McFadden, AP April 25, 2016 LEVEQUE, Haiti (AP) — The three friends had spent the day stocking up on food in the Haitian capital when they left for their village, setting off on the 20-mile trip home by foot because the minibuses known as tap-taps weren’t running after a bridge […]

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