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Demand Justice for Illegally Detained Haitian in Bahamas

During an immigration raid in the Bahamas, a Haitian national was shot in the back of the neck, allegedly by an immigration official. Though he, Jean Marie Julien, was acquitted of illegal entry into the Bahamas, he remains in a detention center where his lawyers fear he will be tortured and mistreated. The shooting also was never investigated. Amnesty International calls on you to demand justice for Mr. Justilien. Part of the Urgent Action is below. Click HERE for the full document. BAHAMAS: UNLAWFULLY DETAINED MIGRANT AT RISK: JEAN MARIE JUSTILIEN Amnesty International December 4, 2015 Jean Marie Justilien, a Haitian national, was shot in the back of the neck during an immigration raid in June 2015, and detained and charged with illegal entry into the Bahamas. On 2 December he was found not guilty, but was transferred to Carmichael […]

Immigration Reform Can’t Just Focus on Immigration Policies

This article discusses anti-Haitian sentiment in the Dominican Republic, Bahamas, and United States and how that has affected their immigration policies for Haitians and descendants of Haitians. The author also discusses some of the policies that would need to be changed in order to reform these immigration policies, such as the cheap labor policies that bring thousands of Haitian immigrants to both DR and the Bahamas. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Dominican Republic isn’t the only country with anti-Haitian policies Nathalie Baptiste, Latin Correspondent February 23, 2015 On January 27, Amnesty International reported that 51 people had been illegally deported from the Dominican Republic to Haiti. Of those 51, 30 were Dominican-born children. This mass deportation is part of an ongoing effort by the Dominican government to purge its soil of Haitians and their descendants — regardless of […]

Bahamian Haitians Face Statelessness and Deportation

New immigration rules in the Bahamas are resulting in many people being stateless or in limbo. Human rights groups are denouncing the decision and many feel the rules are due to anti-Haitian sentiment. The Bahamas claims that they simply want to know who is living in the country but many have been deported since November 2014. Similar scenes have played out in the Dominican Republic and Turks and Caicos recently. Click HERE for the original. Immigration Rules in Bahamas Sweep Up Haitians Frances Robles, The New York Times January 30, 2015 NASSAU, Bahamas — Kenson Timothee was walking down the street when a uniformed officer asked him a question that sends Bahamians of Haitian descent like him into a panic these days: Do you have a passport? Mr. Timothee, who was born in the Bahamas to illegal Haitian immigrants, wound up jailed in […]

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