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The First Annual Haiti and the Red Sox-Win-The-World-Series Column

Boston Haitian Reporter November, 2007 When I emailed last May�s column in to the Boston Haitian Reporter, I added:�my November column is going to be on the World Series victory, so please put me down for the BHR’s spot in the media seats at Fenway. I checked the mail faithfully, but despite the six months� notice, the tickets never arrived. But I�ll keep my promise about the November column. The challenge is finding connections between the Red Sox and Haiti.   When I moved to Haiti in 1995, I was surprised to find no one playing baseball in a country with 12 months of good baseball weather. I knew that elsewhere in Latin America there was a direct relationship between U.S. military interventions and baseball. Countries that have suffered many interventions, such as Nicaragua (8), Panama (7), Cuba (4) and […]

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