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A Refugee Crisis Forming on the DR-Haiti Border

While worldwide attention to the Syrian refugee crisis is long-overdue, many Americans are overlooking a crisis much closer to home: On the border of Haiti and Dominican Republic, refugee camps are forming because of unjust citizenship laws imposed by the Dominican government. Fueled by xenophobia and racism, these laws have resulted in a large population of stateless individuals. This article recommends that “perhaps it is also time for the DR’s neighbors in the Americas to consider sanctioning the country until it fully addresses the refugee crisis it has created.” Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. There’s Another Refugee Crisis That Has Nothing To Do With ISIS Juliet Hooker, Slant December 8, 2015 The outpouring of global solidarity with France that followed the recent terrorist attacks in Paris was almost immediately followed in the U.S. in some quarters by […]

Calendar and strategies to end the current crisis between Haiti and Dominican Republic

A coalition of civic leaders called CHEDEL has compiled a list of government offices, news stations and other influential people to contact about the ongoing crisis in the Dominican Republic. They’ve included days to call and sample messages for those looking for guidance. Click HERE for the original paper. (This post is on page 6.) Calendar and strategies to end the current crisis between Haiti and Dominican Republic The Haitian Voice September 2015 In October 2013, the Superior Court of the Dominican Republic voted to revoke the citizenship of Haitian descendants born after 1929. Tens of thousands Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian heritage are being deported or forced to leave the country. Many cases of lynching and robberies against Haitians have been reported since then. Several organizations have been active in creating international awareness about these human rights violations. A coalition of […]

Potential Tourists Exert Pressure on DR Through Boycott

Hundreds are speaking out against the Dominican Republic’s human rights violations, taking to Twitter and Facebook to denounce its laws that strip citizenship from Dominicans of Haitian descent. DR’s policy redefines the terms of Dominican citizenship to exclude children born to illegal immigrants since 1929. Now, many people around the world refuse to support the Dominican Republic until the government ameliorates the crisis on the ground, and they are using a tourism boycott as a source of pressure to encourage this action. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the original article. Dominican Republic fears tourism boycott over citizenship ruling Yamiche Alcindore, USA Today July 31, 2015 SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — Jude Payoute of Atlanta tried to cancel his $6,000 family vacation here after learning about calls to boycott this Caribbean nation for denying citizenship to thousands of Haitian descendants. “I’m ashamed […]

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