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Brazil, Largest Contributor to MINUSTAH, Plans Withdrawal

Brazil has started to withdraw its military contingent from MINUSTAH, the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti. It plans to complete the withdrawal by April 15, 2017. Brazil is the largest contributor to MINUSTAH and had actually extended its participation last year. MINUSTAH emphasizes that this decision was up to Brazil to make. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti – Security : Brazil withdraws from Minustah HaitiLibre February 1, 2017 Brazil has begun withdrawing its military contingent from the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) and is considering completing its withdrawal before 15 April. Note that Brazil in Haiti with its 979 peacekeepers is the largest contributor with 40% of the UN Mission. In addition, it is the Lieutenant-General of the Brazilian Army Ajax Porto Pinheiro who commands the military component of […]

Haitians to be Deported After Grueling Trip to U.S.

After the 2010 earthquake, Haitians were welcomed into Brazil to find new opportunities. Now that the economy there is in a downturn, thousands have started coming to the U.S. to seek a better life. At first, border agents were allowing them to come in through Southern California. Now, the Obama administration has decided to tighten its immigration policies regarding Haitians  and deport most of those without visas as soon as they reach the border. Many of the people at risk of deportation have crossed through several countries–as many as nine–to reach the U.S., facing incredible obstacles and costs along the way. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haitians, After Perilous Journey, Find Door to U.S. Abruptly Shut Kirk Semple, The New York Times September 23, 2016 TIJUANA, Mexico — They passed the corpses of other migrants […]

Letter to the government of Brazil concerning the safe return of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine

Letter to the government of Brazil concerning the safe return of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, by Mr. EusiKwayana, a distinguished elder from Guyana, known by many throughout the Caribbean Region. He was central in bringing together Afro and Indo people in Guyana�s independence struggle. May 20, 2008 His Excellency Mr. Antonio Patriota Ambassador to the US 3006 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 90008 Her Excellency, Ms. Theresa Maria M. Quintella Consul General of Brazil 8484 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90211 Your Excellency, It is time, after nine months of uneasy anxiety, that some authority charged in the name of the international community with responsibility for security in Haiti, advise the international community, that is, the international public, of its findings in regard to the scandalous kidnapping or disappearance of Haitian citizen and patriot, Mr Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine. The date of Mr Pierre-Antoine�s […]

Brazil and Reconstructing Haiti, Part II

DEVELOPMENT: Reconstruction of Haiti – Part II Mario Osava RIO DE JANEIRO, May 26 (IPS) – Brazil has expressed its staunch support for reconstruction in Haiti, signing several agreements with the new democratically elected government of Ren� Pr�val to contribute to school lunch programmes, the promotion of sports as educational support, the production and use of ethanol fuel produced from sugar cane, and a massive vaccination campaign. Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim called for greater participation by Latin America and the Caribbean in the reconstruction process in Haiti, where Pr�val took office on May 14, in order to consolidate democracy and boost development. Haiti “cannot be, should not be, and is no longer seen as the disowned son of Latin America and the Caribbean,” Amorim said at a high-level international conference on Haiti this week in the Brazilian capital, in […]

A Deal Is Reached to Name a Victor in Haiti’s Election

By GINGER THOMPSON Feb 16, 2006 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Feb. 16 � The front-runner in last week’s presidential election, Ren� Pr�val, was declared the winner today as part of an agreement by leaders of Haiti’s interim government to re-tabulate the votes. This morning, the Provisional Electoral Council announced the victory, which was followed by celebrations and demonstrations in front of the national palace. The agreement is a result of negotiations by Mr. Pr�val, government officials, foreign diplomats and international observers, including the Organization of American States. A high-ranking official from the Organization of American States, who insisted on anonymity because of the fragile nature of the agreement, said on Wednesday night that loopholes in Haitian electoral law allow the government to discard an estimated 85,000 blank ballots included in the original tally. By excluding them, Mr. Pr�val’s lead would increase from […]

Folha de Sao Paolo (Brazil’s most influential newspaper)

May 26, 2005 (unofficial translation) DEM�TRIO MAGNOLI Shame “Given that the last government of Haiti abolished the Armed Forces and the police, the defenseless people depend exclusively on the protection of foreign troops.”� That was how the special envoy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ricardo Seitenfus, justified the presences of Brazilian forces in Haiti.� In his words, “for the first time in Haitian history there is a tacit acceptance of the foreign presence,” because the Caribbean country faced a situation marked by the “simple absence of the State.” Seitenfus followed to the letter the role that had been given him-to deceive Brazilian public opinion.� Haiti has a State that is a corrupt dictatorship dedicated to freeing from prison bloody figures and incarcerating opponents to ensure its perpetuation in power.� Ex-dictator Raoul C�dras and his collaborators Philippe Biamby, Michel […]

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