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Earthquakes Disproportionately Impact Developing Countries

Although we often hear about the large financial costs of earthquakes in the US and other developed countries, the human costs are never as high as in less-developed or developing countries. Even if the gross financial costs are less in developing countries, they represent a higher proportion of those countries’ GDP. Lack of building code enforcement in developing countries also results in a higher death toll from natural disasters. The 2010 Haiti earthquake was a prime example of that fact, with the death toll in the hundreds of thousands. This is one of the many reasons Haiti needs systemic change for a better future. Earthquakes Cost More in Rich Countries but Devastate Poor Ones Charles Kenny, Bloomberg Businessweek August 25, 2014 Northern California suffered its strongest earthquake in 25 years on Sunday, and although 120 people were injured, not a single […]

U.S. Senate Approves Measure Encouraging Relief of Haiti Debt

By James Rowley The U.S. Senate approved legislation to encourage canceling Haiti’s $1 billion debt to international organizations and creating a trust fund to reduce poverty in the earthquake-devastated nation. The legislation directs the Obama administration to advocate for debt cancellation before such international agencies as the International Monetary Fund. The Senate passed the measure by unanimous consent. It also directs that U.S. representatives advocate creation of an international trust fund to make grants to build roads, electricity grids, sanitation facilities and finance soil conservation and reforestation in what was already the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere before the Jan 12. earthquake. “The people of Haiti face a long and difficult road ahead,” the measure’s sponsor, Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, said in a statement. The legislation makes clear “they will not have to walk that road alone.” […]

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