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Con: Replace U.N. Bunglers With Volunteer Missions from Rich Humanitarian Nations

By Wayne Madsen August 9, 2012 WASHINGTON — EDITOR’S NOTE: The writer is addressing the question, “Should the United States insist the United Nations move to end Haiti’s cholera epidemic?” The United Nations wastes billions of dollars every year on what its apologists cynically call “humanitarian efforts.” The most egregious of these—unfortunately for a world in turmoil—are its far-flung peacekeeping missions, which often do great harm and seldom do much good. The most glaring case of this—which inexplicably has received scant media attention—is in Haiti where U.N. peacekeeping troops introduced the plague of cholera in 2010 and have done almost nothing to combat it since. Officials acknowledge that more than 7,445 Haitians have died and as many as 600,000 Haitians have contracted the dread disease, which infects the intestines and causes diarrhea so acute it can kill even a healthy adult in […]

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