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PAHO/WHO Launches Cholera Vaccination Campaign in Haiti

The Pan American Health Organization and World Health Organization have launched a cholera vaccination campaign targeting the 3 most vulnerable departments in Haiti. The organizations’ heads emphasize the need for improved water and sanitation to actually end the epidemic and state that “any death due to cholera is unacceptable.” Haiti to Launch Cholera Vaccination Push Caribbean Journal July 23, 2014 Haiti will be launching a major push to vaccinate citizens against cholera. The programme will target 200,000 people in three departments, starting in August. It will be supported by the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization. The vaccination campaign will be carried out in the Artibonite, Central and West departments, which were selected by Haiti’s Ministry of Public Health and Population due to their place as “high risk zones.” “Vaccination is an important complementary measure in the […]

How Injustice Aggravates Disasters

This op-ed proposes a similar approach to disaster preparedness and relief as we did after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The reason the earthquake had such a devastating effect is an unjust system in Haiti: Too many people were living in Port-au-Prince, seeking opportunities to make a better living; buildings that weren’t built according to the codes collapsed on people; those who couldn’t afford to move to a new home faced forced eviction from tent camps; etc. When it was time for reconstruction, Haitians were rarely included in the process, although they know more about Haiti than outsiders do, leading to very little improvement. As Nicholson states, “at-risk groups” need to be treated as “active agents within the disaster risk reduction process.” The only way to change the system is to make sure everyone is included in the decision-making process. […]

Yet Another Postponement of Haiti-DR Talks

Talks between Haiti and Dominican Republic, which include discussion of the controversial immigration ruling, have been postponed a second time. Originally, the next meeting was set for March 20. Now, it is postponed until May 6. Haiti and Dominican Republic Postpone Talks Until May Alexander Britell, Caribbean Journal April 9, 2014 Haiti and the Dominican Republic have postponed their high-level talks for a second time, Caribbean Journal has learned. The talks, which were originally slated to take place on April 8 in Jacmel, are now scheduled for May 6, according to a source familiar with the talks. The April 8 meeting was itself a postponement from an originally planned date of March 20. At the time, Dominican Republic Minister of the Presidency Gustavo Montalvo, who is leading the Dominican delegation in the talks, said both sides had requested that the deadline […]

High-Level Bilateral Haiti-DR Talks Postponed

The monthly meeting between Haiti and the Dominican Republic originally scheduled for Thursday March 20 has been postponed to April 8. According to a statement released by the Dominican Republic, both countries’ technical teams have requested to postpone the bilateral talks. For more information on the talks thus far, as well as a brief overview of historical Haiti-Dominican Republic relations, see a review here. Haiti-Dominican Republic Talks Postponed Until April Caribbean Journal staff, Caribbean Journal March 17, 2014 High-level bilateral talks between the Dominican Republic and Haiti originally scheduled for Thursday have been postponed until April 8, the Dominican Republic announced Monday. The meeting had been scheduled to take place in the Haitian city of Jacmel. In a statement, the Dominican Republic said “the technical teams of both countries have requested to extend the deadline to allow time to mature and […]

New Cholera Lawsuit Claims UN Waived Immunity

A new lawsuit has been filed in Federal Court in Brooklyn, NY against the United Nations. The class-action lawsuit claims the UN waived immunity in 2004 when establishing the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti. This filing comes just a few days after the United States government confirmed its support of the UN’s immunity in a lawsuit filed by BAI, IJDH, and KKWTP on behalf of five named plaintiffs. Haiti: New Class-Action Lawsuit Seeks Compensation From UN For Cholera By the Caribbean Journal staff, Caribbean Journal March 11, 2014 A new lawsuit filed Tuesday in Federal court in Brooklyn seeks compensation from the United Nations for its alleged role in bringing cholera to Haiti. The lawsuit comes after the United States government wrote a letter last week charging that the United Nations has absolute immunity from suit under the UN Charter […]

US Defends UN Immunity in Cholera Case

The United States decided to defend the United Nations (UN) in the case that seeks UN accountability for bringing cholera to Haiti. US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Bharara, cited UN immunity in his defense of the UN. United States Government: UN “Absolutely Immune” in Haiti Cholera Suit Alexander Britell, Caribbean Journal March 10, 2014 All of the defendants in the Haiti cholera lawsuit are “immune from legal process and suit,” US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara wrote in a statement of interest submitted to Federal Judge Paul Oetken on Friday. In a blow to the suit seeking compensation for victims of cholera in Haiti, the United States government, through Bharara, said the United Nations could not be served or sued in the case. “The UN, including its integral component, defendant the United […]

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