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Are budgetary threats the best way to end impunity for peacekeeper sexual violence?

For years and years, incidents of sexual abuse by United Nations peacekeepers have been steadily made public. Even so, the perpetrators have very rarely been held accountable for their crimes. Now that some US Senators have proposed cutting funding until the UN deals with the problem, it seems that the UN might start taking it seriously, especially since the US contributes 28% of the peacekeeping budget. Since withholding UN funding has been successful in the past, this could be a good way for big contributors to hold the UN accountable and change the culture of impunity for sexual violence. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. HERE’S HOW TO END UN PEACEKEEPING’S HISTORY OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE Jeni Whalan, Global Peace Operations Review May 2, 2016 After years of moral outrage and stern official rhetoric, the odious […]

Does the UN Security Council resolution on sexual abuse by peacekeepers achieve accountability?

In March, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution meant to respond to the growing scandal of peacekeepers raping and sexually abusing civilians. Unfortunately, the resolution only seems like a band-aid on the problem, given that it is not legally binding, relies on those who are responsible for the current culture of impunity to take action, and has vague terms that likely won’t lead to justice. It might be time for the UN to look for outside help to solve this problem. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Predatory Peacekeepers: The UN Responds to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in CAR Kathleen Bergin, The Disaster Law Page April 19, 2016 In March, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 2272 in response to ongoing revelations that French and west-African peacekeepers raped and sexually exploited civilians they were deployed […]

UN impunity for sexual abuse in CAR is indicative of a larger problem

For a few years, allegations of sexual abuse by United Nations peacekeepers around the world have been surfacing. One country where the problem has seemed particularly rampant is the Central African Republic (CAR), particularly as allegations have continually surfaced for the past year. This article discusses one of the most recent cases, in which a peacekeeper tied four girls up and forced them to have sex with a dog. Women and girls from CAR have endured many such gruesome scenarios at the hands of the peacekeepers who are meant to protect them and it is only after a whole year of accusations that the United Nations has begun to take action. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. The UN’s Good vs. Bad Narrative Clears the Way for Sexual Violence and Impunity Maya Goodfellow, Media […]

Widespread Accusations of Sexual Exploitation Committed by UN Peacekeepers

This article sheds light on the sexual abuse perpetrated by UN peacekeepers in the Central African Republic since 2014. According to the Washington Post, there have been 42 cases of sexual abuse or exploitation by UN soldiers in CAR since the start of the mission. This phenomenon does not limit itself to CAR, as similar cases have occurred in Kosovo, Liberia and Haiti. Indeed, in 2007, 114 members of the Sri Lankan peacekeeping contingent were accused of sexual exploitation during their mission in Haiti. The article denounces the inaction of the UN in investigating and prosecuting the implicated soldiers. Unfortunately, in repeated cases throughout the years, those who were often seen as saviors, have brought despair and horror to the people they were supposed to protect. Members of a U.N. peacekeeping force in the Central African Republic allegedly turned to […]

Questioning the UN Presence in Haiti and Africa

For at least a few years, the United Nations has been facing a credibility crisis due to its lack of accountability for peacekeeper misconduct. Particularly in the case of peacekeepers bringing cholera to Haiti and peacekeepers committing sexual assault there and in African countries, many are questioning whether the UN’s presence in these countries is truly positive or even necessary. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Has the UN lost credibility in Haiti and Africa? Saeed Shabazz, Amsterdam News January 14, 2015 As 2015 was coming to an end, the 193-member United Nations wrapped up its agenda with discussions and resolutions on issues in the Sahel/Western Sahara, Burundi as the African Union agreed Dec. 19 to deploy an African prevention and protection mission and Dec. 15 the U.N. Security Council adopted Resolution 2251, which extended the […]

UN Accountability Gap Threatens Its Work Worldwide

In missions all over the world, the UN has been seen as more willing to save face with member states than to be accountable to victims of sexual abuse, cholera and other wrongdoing. Not only does this deny justice to victims but it also puts peacekeepers in war zones at risk of retaliation, and it damages the UN’s reputation as a promoter of human rights. This article gives concrete examples of lack of UN accountability (as in Haiti’s cholera epidemic) and explains the importance of closing the “accountability gap.” Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. UN peacekeepers in Africa: Culpable and accountable Nanjala Nyabola, The Herald October 20, 2015 AFTER several months of intrigue and seeming inaction, the UN spokesperson finally announced on August 13, that the head of MINUSCA, the UN mission in the […]

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