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Tahirih Justice Center Now Hiring

In August, the Tahirih Justice Center received a very generous financial gift to serve vulnerable immigrant girls, particularly from Mexico and Central America, who have recently arrived along the US border as “unaccompanied alien children”. Tahirih Justice Center is seeking to immediately hire two full-time employees to work in the Houston office: a Children’s Attorney and a Children’s Legal Advocate. Both positions are a 3-year contract. Links to the job postings are below. Job Posting Children’s Attorney, Tahirih Justice Center Job Posting Bilingual Children’s Legal Advocate, Tahirih Justice Center 

Op-Ed: Hope, Haiti and an End to Gender-Based Violence

By Lara Pukatch, Take Part April 23, 2013 The global epidemic of violence against women and girls can be addressed by how America spends its foreign aid funds. It’s appalling. In some countries, up to 70 percent of women will experience some form of violence in their lifetimes. But earlier this month I found reason for hope in the words of a Haitian women’s advocate—we’ll call her Marie—who I met in a rural town a few hours away from Port-au-Prince. “I want women to see themselves as women with possibility,” she told me. Marie—and women across the world—work every day to reclaim that sense of possibility for the millions of women and girls facing gender-based violence. For her part, Marie works with a local organization that fights domestic child slavery—known in Haiti as the restavek system. Most of these domestic child slaves are girls. They are often […]

Shock-Doctrine Schooling in Haiti: Neoliberalism Off the Richter Scale (Common Dreams)

By: Jesse Hagopian, Common Dreams Two Days before the earthquake, my one-year-old son and I accompanied my wife to Haiti for an HIV training course she was to conduct. Two days after surviving the quake, we drove into the center of Port-au-Prince from the Pétionville district, where we had been staying, and passed a school that had completely collapsed. I remember successfully convincing myself as we drove by that not one student or teacher was struck by the chunks of drab-gray cinderblock that lay scattered in the courtyard. As a Seattle Public Schools teacher myself, I could not allow the image of being trapped with my students under the debris of the school to enter my thoughts, and I managed to become certain that no one had been in the building when it collapsed. After spending the prior two days […]

IJDH’s Actions aiding Children’s Rights

IJDH takes action The Lawyers’ Earth quake Response Net work (LERN), the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) and the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (IJDH), filed a joint sub mission through the Universal Periodic Review procedure, summarizing human rights issues raised in 13 stake holder reports submitted by a coalition of 57 grassroots groups, internally displaced persons camps, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions in Haiti. One of these human rights reports specifically focuses on the Rights of  Children, and another focuses on Child Labor and Child Slavery violations. Universal Periodic Review Children’s Rights: English, Kreyol (Fon dasyon Kolezepòl pou Sove Timoun, Moun Viktim, Action des Unités Motivés pour une Haïti de Droit) — March 24, 2011 Universal Periodic Review Restavèk Report: The Persistence of Child Labor and Slavery: English, Kreyol (Restavèk Freedom) — March 24, 2011 By bringing attention to these human right violations […]


The January earth quake created a large number of displaced children and left many as orphans. Since the quake the government and NGOs have worked together to establish health clinics and child-friendly spaces in many of the camps.  Nevertheless, children are still at risk. In Haiti today there are several thousands of street children, many of who have fled abusive conditions or lost care takers in the earthquake.  As one of the most vulnerable populations in Haiti, street children are at high risk for human rights violations. Standing Up Against Forced Evictions: Interview with IJDH Director Brian Concannon and footage of IJDH’s work to enforce the human rights of Haiti’s most vulnerable. Special thanks to the OnexOne Foundation for making this work possible. Video by Daniel Ramirez of the New Media Advocacy Project. Standing Up Against Forced Evictions Click HERE to See the […]

Universal Periodic Review Restavèk Report: The Persistence of Child Labor and Slavery: English, Kreyol (Restavèk Freedom)

EnglishKreyol English Haiti Submission to the United Nations Universal Periodic Review Twelfth Session of the Working Group on the UPR Human Rights Council 3-14 October 2011 Restavèk: The Persistence of Child Labor and Slavery Download a copy: Haiti-UPR-Restavek-Report-FINAL   Submitted by: Restavèk Freedom* Endorsed by: Bureau des Avocats Internationaux Center for Constitutional Rights Conférence des universitaires pour la défense des droits et de la liberté Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti LAMP for Haiti Foundation Link Haiti, Inc. Paloma Institute UC Davis Immigration Law Clinic UnityAyiti A. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This individual report highlights the plight of restavèk children, child domestic servants, in Haiti as stipulated in the General Guidelines for the preparation of Information under the Universal Periodic Review. Part B notes the continuing practice of restavèk despite its prohibition under international and Haitian law.  Part C describes the restavèk […]

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