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From Haiti to Tibet, China’s role in suppressing democracy

From Haiti to Tibet, China’s role in suppressing democracy Taken with a hidden camera, photo shows Chinese troops of the People�s Armed Police instructing the Haitian police in the use of automatic weapons in late 2004. PAP officer videotapes peaceful Lavalas demonstration. Demonstrators later accused PAP forces of turning video images over to the Haitian police that led to mass arrests based on their politcal convictions. PAP officer demonstrates use of an automatic weapon to Haitian police. PAP members of the UN contingent review footage shot of a peaceful demonstration by Aristide’s Lavalas movement before turning it over to Haitian police. The footage reportedly led to mass arrests. HIP– Port au Prince – As Chinese riot police clash with Tibetan protesters over that country’s independence, it calls into question the role of over 1000 members of China�s People�s Armed Police […]

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