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U.S. Must Stand Up to Unlawful Eviction of Haitians from Displacement Camps

By Kathleen Bergin and Nicole Phillips, CIP Americas Program June 16, 2011 June 16, 2011- Last month, the Haitian police, a local mayor, and private security agents raided and destroyed three displacement camps in the city of Delmas outside of Port-au-Prince to remove approximately 1,000 homeless earthquake victims. Some residents were warned about the raid the day before, but most were caught by surprise. Residents were given almost no time to collect their belongings before security forces destroyed them. The police shot one camp resident in the leg. Others were beaten with batons. At least three who tried to stop the eviction were arrested. When an attorney and community organizer called a press conference at the scene, police and municipal workers charged them with machetes. They survived, but now hundreds of people, including families with small children, have no shelter […]

Beyond the Blue Helmets: Stability in Haiti Requires New Elections

By. Beatrice Lindstrom, CIP Americas Along Avenue John Brown in Port-au-Prince, freshly painted graffiti reads aba seleksyon! — down with the undemocratic selection process.   It is a key message in a visual protest against the failure of democracy in Haiti. It has been added alongside older messages that read aba MINUSTAH, aba okipasyon, calling for an end to the commonly perceived foreign occupation by the United Nations stabilization mission, known by its intitials as MINUSTAH. The highly contested November 28 legislative and presidential elections and the unrest that followed have sharpened criticisms against the international forces and heightened concerns about self-determination as the nation seeks to rebuild one year after the devastating earthquake of January, 12, 2010. Haitian voters have been voicing their concerns about flawed elections for months, and many boycotted the vote as it shaped into a selection process […]

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