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Haitians Need Closure After Duvalier’s Death

This article discusses US support for both Duvalier regimes, the negative economic and social effects, and how Haitians might deal with the lack of accountability left by Jean-Claude Duvalier’s sudden death. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. How Will Haiti Reckon with the Duvalier Years? Laurent Dubois, The New Yorker October 6, 2014 In January, 2011, one year after an earthquake killed tens of thousands of people (by some estimates, hundreds of thousands), Jean-Claude Duvalier landed unannounced in Haiti following twenty-five years of exile in France. In the years between his return to the country and his death on Saturday at the age of sixty-three, he circulated freely about Port-au-Prince, meeting with old friends, dining at fancy restaurants, and occasionally accepting invitations to government events. For Haitians who had suffered imprisonment or torture under his regime, or who had […]

Duvalier Decision a Landmark Victory for Haitians

The Appellate court decision to reinstate political violence charges against Duvalier was a landmark victory for the victims, lawyers, and the Haitian justice system as a whole. In this article, IJDH Staff Attorney Nicole Phillips gives her and Mario Joseph’s perspective on that remarkable day (February 20, 2014) and emphasizes the bravery of the judges who made the decision, given the dangers of human rights work in Haiti. Reinstatement of criminal case against Duvalier a momentous victory for Haitians Nicole Phillips, Boston Haitian Reporter March 6, 2014 The Appellate Court decision last month to reinstate political violence crimes against former dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier was a momentous victory for Haitians all over the world. The court courageously challenged the impunity of the justice system, but also applied international human rights law to protect poor people for the first time […]

Collective Against Impunity: The Court of appeal will hear Jean-Claude Duvalier on 7 February 2013

Daniele Magloire, Collective Against Impunity February 3, 2013 The Collective against impunity wishes to inform Haitian civil society and the international community that a hearing will take place at 10:00 am, at the Court of appeal of Port-au-Prince on Thursday February 7, 2013, (commemorative date of the fall of Duvalier in 1986). The Court has asked that ex President-for-life Jean-Claude Duvalier be present at the hearing. Jean-Claude Duvalier was once more accused! by the Haitian State on January 19,2011, for «crimes against humanity, financial crimes and acts of corruption, abuse of authority, corruption of civil servants, embezzlement and criminal conspiracy», according to the terms of the indictment of the public prosecutor. Thirty victims, among them 22 members of the Collective, filed suit against Jean-Claude Duvalier and associates for crimes against humanity (illegal and arbitrary arrests and detentions, torture, cruel treatment, […]

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