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Common Sense John Maxwell Sunday, February 03, 2008 We have some great news for dieters this week! The Haitians, with a little help from the Americans, the French and the Canadians, have produced a solution to the obesity crisis that now threatens western civilisation. Haiti’s great and good friends in Washington, Paris and Ottawa have, at last, after several years of hard, grinding effort, managed to create the condition known as ‘critical mess’ [sic] allowing the Haitians to produce a diet which – unlike any other slimming solution – is absolutely guaranteed to work. Other slimming solutions have always had one weak spot: no matter how low-calorie the diet is, dieters can always defeat the purpose by overeating. The new Haitian diet makes that impossible! No matter how much you eat you will not get fat!! This is sensational news!!! […]

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