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Live Cholera Case Update Thursday March 3! [Recording]

We had a remarkable hearing at the Second Circuit court of appeals Tuesday, March 1. We packed not only the courtroom but also the overflow room! The judges asked so many thoughtful and interesting questions noting their concern about denial of justice for the victims. We also got some great insights into the United States’ position in the case. We held a conference call Thursday, March 3 at 7pm ET to update our supporters on the hearing and the case. Kertch Conzé one of the amici who signed the Haitian American brief in support of our appeal, gave his impressions of the hearing and the need for UN accountability to Haiti’s cholera victims. He described how the UN’s actions so far have denied the cholera victims justice. Beatrice Lindstrom, the IJDH Staff Attorney who argued the case, described the legal aspect of the case. […]

Update on Haiti Human Rights Call

Thank you so much to everyone who attended our October 9th call on human rights in Haiti. The call prominently featured 6 human rights groups, with about 10 joining the call in total, and was a great opportunity to hear how Haitian human rights defenders and the international community are working to improve the situation in Haiti. If you missed it, dial (712) 432-1219 and follow the instructions using Meeting ID 416-399-999 and Reference Number 3 to listen.* If you don’t speak French, here‘s an English summary. Special thanks to Patricia Pabst for summarizing the call, and to all the volunteers who worked against the clock to get the reports translated into French so they’d have maximum impact. Look out for more opportunities like this here, on our Twitter page, and our Facebook page.   *If you can’t listen to […]

IJDH Conference Call on Duvalier Trials with Staff Attorney Nicole Phillips

<Transcript of: March 7 2013 IJDH call on Duvalier with Staff Attorney Nicole Phillips> Min 0:00 – 4:59 Brian: [inaudible] …legitimacy in Haiti, they represent some of the victims who filed complaints of political violence and they appealed the dismissal of political violence crimes, and so what we’re now doing in the appeals court process that is deciding whether those political violence crimes were correctly tried and for people more familiar with the English and American legal systems this is a little strange because they’re actually taking victim testimony and defendant testimony at an appeals court hearing which you can do in the United States, but in this case the appeals court in Haiti have fairly broad powers, they can almost re-do the trials court’s work. It looks like that’s what the trial court’s doing is to, really look at […]

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