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Haitian Senate Candidates Overwhelmingly Male

Despite a Constitutionally-mandated quota of 30% female participation, 91.27% of candidates for Haiti’s Senate are male: Out of 149 candidates for Haiti’s various departments, only 13 are women. This article breaks those numbers down by department and also provides a list of the woman candidates. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti – FLASH : 149 candidates for 10 seats in the Senate (list) HaitiLibre July 19, 2016 149 candidates (13 women and 136 men) will compete on 9 October for the first round of elections of the renewal of third of the Senate. The dominance of the number of men candidates (91.27%) over the women candidates is overwhelming, far from the respect of minimum 30% quota for women stipulated in the amended Constitution. … Click HERE for the full text.

Elections: Basic Facts and Resources

Dates: Elections in Haiti are scheduled to happen on three dates in 2015: August 9, October 25 and December 27. Voting dates (jours de scrutin): o   9 Aug – 1st round for 2/3 of Senat and 118 Deputies (Chambre de Députés) o   25 Oct – 2nd round legislative and 1st round presidential and local 27 Dec – 2nd round presidential (if needed) Dates results published: o   19 Aug – preliminary 1st round legislative o   8 Sep – final 1st round legislative o   3 Nov – preliminary 1st round presidential o   7 Nov – preliminary 2nd round legislative o   15 Nov – final 1st round presidential o   22 Nov – final 2nd round legislative o   30 Nov – preliminary local o   31 Dec – final local o   17 Jan – Final 2nd round presidential Background: The administration of President Michel Martelly […]

IJDH Webinar on Elections in Haiti

BAI and IJDH work to protect the right of Haitians to select their government through fair elections. A key aspect of that work is ensuring that the international community has credible information about Haiti’s political situation. In our July 21 web conference, Jacqueline Charles, Jake Johnston, and Wesley Lainé analyzed the key issues currently being discussed in Haitian and international media. Afterwards, we answered participants’ questions. Below is the outline for the webinar. Click HERE for the full text. IJDH Webinar on Elections in Haiti July 21, 2015 -Jake Johnston, Research Associate at the Center for Economic and Policy Research, provides background on elections in Haiti, focusing on how the 2010 elections set the stage for the current crisis. -Jacqueline Charles, Caribbean Correspondent of Miami Herald, discusses the main issues in the current elections, and the challenges she faces in reporting on elections. -Wesley Lainé, IJDH Legal […]

The CEP and Elections in Haiti: Décharge Is the Price of the Ticket

Wesley Lainé, Legal Fellow at the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, provides an in-depth analysis of the impact of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP, for Conseil Électoral Provisoire)’s decision to exclude candidates from the 2015 elections, based on the lack of a décharge. Part of the briefing paper is below. Click HERE to read the full text. The CEP and Elections in Haiti: Décharge Is the Price of the Ticket Wesley Lainé, Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti July 17, 2015 “The biggest story so far in Haiti’s 2015 election process is the exclusion of fourteen out of seventy presidential candidates—many of them prominent figures—most for lack of an audit certificate, known in French as a décharge. The exclusions have been met with predictable criticism from the disqualified candidates and their supporters, but they also raise broader […]

Mario Joseph Brings Haiti Elections to Capitol Hill

The following is a statement from Mario Joseph, BAI Managing Attorney, during a Haiti Advocacy Working Group (HAWG) panel. The panel was part of HAWG’s “Haiti Advocacy Week,” a series of events in D.C., aimed at getting Haiti more attention on Capitol Hill. Mario Joseph March 6, 2015 Bonjou.  Good morning. I would like to thank the Haiti Advocacy Working Group for organizing this panel and for inviting me to participate on it. I would like to thank all of you for coming, and I look forward to our discussion about politics and elections in Haiti. In light of the conference’s theme, “Haiti for Whom?”, I think it is worth posing the question “elections for whom?” at this panel. That is a good question. We hear a lot from the perspective of the Haitian government, the international community and the […]

No Elections Timetable Yet for Haiti

Last Thursday, most of Haiti’s political parties met to decide the electoral timetable for 2015. The parties rejected the preliminary calendar proposed by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) on February 10. The parties were also unable to come to a consensus on the timeline of elections, with some preferring two elections this year and some preferring more. The CEP plans to consider all the proposed options and publish a timetable by next week. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti – Elections : No consensus on the electoral timetable HaitiLibre March 1, 2015 Thursday in Petionville, nearly 200 representatives of political parties debated for over 6 hours with the 9 advisers of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) around the electoral timetable. Unlike the pre-calendar proposed for discussion by the CEP, the majority of leaders […]

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