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Haiti’s Classquake

By: Jeb Sprague Click HERE to see the Original Article  Just five days prior to the 7.0 earthquake that shattered Port-au-Prince on January 12th, the Haitian government�s Council of Modernisation of Public Enterprises (CMEP) announced the planned 70% privatization of Teleco, Haiti�s public telephone company. Today Port-au-Prince lies in ruins, with thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands dead, entire neighborhoods cut off, many buried alive. Towns across the southern peninsula, such as L�og�ne, are said to be in total ruin with an untold number of victims. Haiti�s president, Ren� Pr�val, and his administration remain largely inept, absent from Port-au-Prince and even the local radio. At Pont Morin in the Bois Verna section of the capital, Teleco�s office building is badly damaged. One twitter poster in Port-au-Prince on Monday warned local residents to evacuate �After the latest evaluations of the building, they’ve […]

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