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A DEA Fugitive Runs for Haitian Senate

Guy Philippe is wanted by the US Drug Enforcement Agency for charges including conspiracy to import cocaine into the U.S. He’s also running for Senate in Haiti, with a lot of support from the town where his father was mayor. He even campaigned with one of the top presidential candidates earlier this year. Though there are many questions about Guy Philippe’s shady actions, he warns that if he loses the Senate race, there will be trouble. From remote stronghold, Haiti fugitive seeks political power David McFadden, Associated Press September 6, 2016 PESTEL, Haiti (AP) — Fishermen gathered eagerly at a rickety wooden pier to welcome a boat carrying Haiti’s most divisive and provocative political candidate. The crowd quickly cleared a path as Guy Philippe stepped to shore and began shaking hands and slapping backs. More people emerged to see the man […]

Paramilitaries Attack a Police Station in Haiti

Before dawn on May 16, a group of paramilitaries attacked the police station in Haiti’s third-largest city, resulting in four deaths and many injuries. An interview with one of the attackers, Théléus, revealed that they were under the command of Guy Philippe, a Senate candidate who helped lead the 2004 coup d’ état and is wanted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration for drug trafficking. Théléus said that this attack is part of a larger plan to attack police stations all over Haiti, create havoc, and overthrow the provisional president. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Guy Philippe’s Paramilitaries Launch Deadly Attack Against the Aux Cayes Police Station Yves Pierre-Louis, Haïti Liberté May 18, 2016 In the hours before dawn on Mon., May 16, 2016, heavily armed assailants, dressed in green and camouflage army uniforms, attacked the main […]

Canada Urged to Have Normal Relations with Haiti: Because it’s 2016!

The letter below is from Canada Haiti Action Network activist Jean Saint-Vil to Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. The letter recommends that Canada change its stance on Haiti, particularly as pertains to the current fraud-filled elections that the international community has been supporting. The letter makes other recommendations pertaining to respecting Haiti’s sovereignty, such as changing commercial relations with Haiti and Canada leaving the Core Group. ————————- Office of the Prime Minister 80 Wellington St. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1A 0A2 Honourable Prime Minister Trudeau, For over 12 years now, your predecessors have received persistent requests to operate a major shift in Canadian policy towards Haïti. Unfortunately, these calls by Canadians and by Canadian-Haitians have consistently been ignored. The consequences are immensely negative for Haitian lives as well as the reputation of Canada. Fortunately, we do have time, opportunity and means to permanently redress […]

Brian Concannon Breaks Down Haiti’s Elections (Interview)

There were some major problems with Haiti’s first round of presidential elections on October 25, including very low voter turnout and stuffing of ballot boxes. Now what remains to be seen is how much the rampant fraud will affect the results, and who will go on to the presidential runoff in December. In this radio segment, Brian Concannon explains the issues with October 25 (and the August 9th round before that), and how the US is involved in Haiti’s elections. The segment description is below. Click HERE to listen to the segment. Haiti Elections Are So Problematic, They May Be a Prelude to a Coup Uprising with Sonali November 2, 2015 GUEST: Brian Concannon Jr., Executive director of the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti. Haitians went to the polls on October 25th for the first round of voting in […]

How US Intervention Undermines Haitian Democracy

Haiti’s August 9th round of elections was deeply flawed and widely denounced by Haitian activists and human rights groups. Yet the United States, the Martelly government, and the Provisional Electoral Council essentially declared the election good enough to proceed with its results. This article examines the importance of this reaction, particularly from the US, in destabilizing Haiti. It compares this flawed election with that of 2010 (which is generally accepted as flawed though this round was worse) and discusses past US interventions in Haiti, concluding that fair and inclusive elections without interference are the only way for Haiti to advance. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti: US interference wins elections Kevin Moran and Azadeh Shahshahani, The Hill October 13, 2015 Haiti’s sham election on Aug. 9, 2015 was characterized by extremely low voter turnout, with […]

Ex-président Aristide soutient publiquement la candidate de son parti

Après quatre ans de silence, l’ancien président Jean-Bertrand Aristide est apparu publiquement pour soutenir Maryse Narcisse, la candidate de Fanmi Lavalas. Des miiliers de partisans du Fanmi Lavalas se sont réunis devant la résidence d’Aristide pour écouter son discours. Mais si cette apparence mènera au vote reste à voir. Partie de l’article est ci-dessous. Cliquez ICI pour le texte complet. Haïti: Jean-Bertrand Aristide appelle à voter Maryse Narcisse En Haïti, pour la première fois depuis son retour d’exil, Jean-Bertrand Aristide s’est adressé directement à ses partisans. Et il appelle la population à élire comme présidente la candidate de son parti : Maryse Narcisse. Le premier tour de scrutin est prévu le 25 octobre. Amélie Baron, RFI 1 octobre 2015 Les milliers de sympathisants Lavalas auront attendu des heures devant la résidence d’Aristide, pour enfin voir de leurs yeux celui qu’il surnomme leur « […]

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