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Haiti seeks $2bn for cholera epidemic ‘introduced by UN peacekeepers’

Jonathan Watts, The Guardian November 29, 2012 Nepalese troops thought to be source of disease that has killed 7,500 – more than violence that brought peacekeepers to Haiti A Haitian with symptoms of cholera is transported in a wheelbarrow in the slums of Cite-Soleil in Port-au-Prince the month after the outbreak began in 2010. Photograph: Eduardo Munoz/Reuters Haiti is to call on the international community for more than $2bn (£1.25bn) to fight cholera amid growing evidence that UN peacekeepers started the world’s worst epidemic. The government’s 10-year plan to improve sanitation and water provision will be unveiled with the backing of foreign aid groups and the UN, which is accused of one of the greatest failures in the history of international intervention. It follows reports of a recent spike in cholera cases following hurricane Sandy and warnings from non-governmental organisation (NGOs) that the US and […]

Look what the UN dragged in : Haiti had not seen a case of cholera in over 100 years—until ‘help’ arrived

Scaachi Koul, Maclean’s November 21, 2012 After an earthquake ravaged Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010, no one could have imagined that cholera—absent from the country for more than a century—would claim the lives of thousands more Haitians. Yet some 7,400 Haitians have died from cholera since the epidemic began in October 2010; and more than 600,000 have been infected. Now, new evidence is pointing the finger at the UN for bringing the disease into the country. Last month, Daniele Lantagne, a top U.S. cholera specialist, told the BBC that a Nepalese military unit of the UN Stabilization Mission was the “most likely” source of the outbreak; the strain of cholera found in Haiti is “an exact match,” she says, for the strain found in Nepal. At the time of Haiti’s earthquake, Nepal was in the grip of a cholera outbreak. None of the soldiers were tested because […]

UN Peacekeepers to blame for 7,500 cholera deaths in devastated Haiti: public health expert

Michael Higgins, National Post October 24, 2012 A cholera patient lies in bed at the Cuban-run Nicolas Armand hospital in Arcahaie, north of Port-au-Prince, in this file photo. A leading international public health expert says the “most likely” source of the cholera outbreak was a UN camp for soldiers from Nepal, a country where the water-borne disease is widespread. A devastating cholera outbreak in Haiti that has killed more than 7,500 people has been blamed on United Nations’ peacekeeping troops in the country. Dr. Daniele Lantagne, a leading international public health expert who helped investigate the outbreak for the UN, said the “most likely” source of the cholera was a camp for soldiers from Nepal, a country where the water-borne disease is widespread. Related Photo gallery: Haiti cholera outbreak On the ground in Haiti: Searching for the resources to fight cholera […]

Forgotten Haiti: Two Years After Cholera Outbreak

BBC is reporting: “A top U.S. cholera specialist, Dr. Daniele Lantagne, said after studying new scientific data that it is now ‘most likely’ the source of the outbreak was a camp for recently-arrived UN soldiers from Nepal — a country where cholera is widespread.” BRIAN CONCANNON, via Nicole Phillips[email],MELINDA MILES [email], [speaks English and Kreyol] Concannon is director of the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti; Miles is with TransAfrica/Let Haiti Live. Their groups are among a host of organizations that just put out a statement: “On the second anniversary of the outbreak of the cholera epidemic in Haiti, human rights groups, faith-based organizations, policy institutes, and humanitarian organizations renew their call for the United Nations and U.S. government to help Haiti install the clean water and sanitation infrastructure necessary to control the ongoing epidemic. “The cholera epidemic in Haiti has received […]

Cholera: Two Years On, and the UN Has Yet to Take Responsibility

Center for Economic and Policy Research 22 October 2012 It has now been over two years since the first cholera death in Haiti after more than a century. Over 7,500 people in Haiti have died from the disease so far, and over 600,000 have been sickened. While there has been a drop in cholera cases in 2012 over 2011, Oliver Schulz, Doctors Without Borders’ Head of Mission in Haiti says, “We continue to see an average of 250 new cases each week in our facilities, but this is still a high number.” Doctors Without Borders notes that Reduced international funding is limiting the response of the humanitarian agencies working in the areas of medical care and providing access to clean water and sanitation. “This year, MSF had to keep most of our CTCs open throughout the year because cholera  is far from […]

Haiti Cholera Epidemic ‘Most likely’ Started at UN camp – top scientist

By Mark Doyle, BBC News October 22, 2012 New evidence has emerged about the alleged role of United Nations troops in causing a cholera epidemic in the Caribbean nation of Haiti. A top US cholera specialist, Dr Daniele Lantagne, said after studying new scientific data that it is now “most likely” the source of the outbreak was a camp for recently-arrived UN soldiers from Nepal – a country where cholera is widespread. Dr Lantagne was employed by the UN itself in 2011 as one of the world’s pre-eminent experts on the disease. The new evidence could have serious implications for the UN, which is facing an unprecedented legal and moral challenge in Haiti – as well as a multi-billion dollar compensation claim from victims’ families. More than 7,500 people have died from the cholera epidemic in Haiti since it started in […]

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