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Does a Better Haiti Start with Justice or Tourism?

This is a great story that sheds light on the incredible work (and life story) of BAI Managing Attorney Mario Joseph and makes clear why there is no way around justice for cholera victims. It not only portrays Mario’s struggle to bring justice Haitians but also contrasts it with the current Tourism Minister’s opposing view that attracting tourists will create a better future for Haiti. A Damned Paradise: Does Haiti Need Tourism? Or Does It Need Justice? Samiha Shafy, Der Spiegel July 18, 2014 Human rights attorney Mario Joseph and Tourism Minister Stéphanie Villedrouin are both trying to improve Haiti, but they are following radically different paths. The one wants justice, the other wants tourism. The attorney stares at a hut next to the grave. It’s made of wood and mud, and is covered with a plastic tarp. “I used to […]

Mario’s Cholera Work in Der Spiegel

Mario’s work fighting cholera in Haiti is having a global impact! Der Spiegel, a very well-known German weekly magazine, posted an interview with Mario and a cholera survivor on their Facebook page. Below is a translation of the video by one of our Legal Fellows, Katharina Rall. The title of the video means “Travelling with human rights lawyer Mario Joseph.” Unterwegs mit dem Menschenrechtsanwalt Mario Joseph. Der Spiegel July 11, 2014 – Mario: We have a disease, an epidemic that the UN brought to Haiti through Nepalese soldiers. – Mario: As of today, more than 8000 people have died and more than 750000 have been sickened by this disease. – Mario: Oh you didn’t know I was coming here? You knew? Hi everyone, how are you?… – Journalist (Samiha Shafy): We are in Bocozelle, in the North of Haiti, together with […]

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