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Why is the U.S. in such a rush to end Haiti’s elections?

Before Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council gave in to widespread demands to postpone the final round of elections, president Martelly and the United States were pushing hard to hold them no matter what. Did that have anything to do with the fact that Hillary Clinton, who’s currently campaigning for U.S. president, played a major role in putting Michel Martelly in power? Now that it’s clear that Haitians won’t stand for illegitimate elections, even Haiti’s business sector has distanced itself from Martelly, though its interests generally coincide with his. Martelly hopes to keep power long enough to hand it over to his successor but the Constitution has other rules for the situation. After Haiti Elections Postponed, Is the U.S. Rushing to Protect Clinton? The Real News Network January 26, 2016 Click HERE for the original post and transcript.

Threats to Peasants’ Land Rights in Haiti

Below is the second piece in Other Worlds’ Haitian land rights series, featuring an interview with Ricot Jean-Pierre. Jean-Pierre discusses how inequitable control of land has devastated the vast majority throughout Haitian history, from enslavement to today. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. The Blood of the Earth: Agriculture, Land Rights, and Haitian History Beverly Bell, Other Worlds January 13, 2016 Yesterday, January 12, on the sixth anniversary of the 7.0 earthquake, Haitians mourned the countless lives lost. Among the many aftershocks they face is disaster capitalism, in which the Haitian elite and foreign corporations – backed by the US  government, World Bank, and Inter-American Development Bank – are grabbing lands for extraction and mega-development projects. Ricot Jean-Pierre, social worker and program director of the Platform to Advocate Alternative Development in Haiti (PAPDA), tells how inequitable control of […]

Haiti Advocacy Working Group Commemorates Sixth Earthquake Anniversary

Below is part of a press release from Haiti Advocacy Working Group, commemorating the sixth anniversary of Haiti’s January 12, 2010 earthquake. It features important messages about the international community’s failure to rebuild Haiti and what is required to do a better job in the future. Part of the release is below. Click HERE for the full document. PRESS RELEASE: January 11th, 2016 CONTACT PERSON: CHARISSA ZEHR: 202-544-6564 Members of the HAWG on the Sixth Anniversary of the Haitian Earthquake MENNONITE CENTRAL COMMITTEE “On this important date in Haiti’s collective memory, we at Mennonite Central Committee pause to remember those who lost so much owing to the earthquake and reaffirm our decades-long commitment to Haitian-led relief, development, and peacebuilding work. We look forward to continuing to bring our partners’ voices to Washington in 2016 to inform and impact U.S. policy […]

Land Exploitation and the Resistance to It in Haiti

As an impoverished nation so close to U.S. shores, Haiti is at particular risk of becoming a target for business and extraction interests that may not align with respect for Haitian rights, especially land rights. This article outlines the ways businesses may take advantage of Haitians, and what is being done to resist these efforts. It is part of a new series on land rights and food sovereignty in Haiti. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. “The Struggle for Land Justice Knows No Borders”: Corporate Pillaging in Haiti Natalie Miller, Other Worlds December 22, 2015 Since the earthquake of January, 2010, Haiti has increasingly become a target of extraction and private business development by Haitian and foreign investors. Income and trade – if the wages are livable and the trade is fair – would, of course, be helpful […]

N-Map Now Hiring Director of Development

Part of the job posting is below. Click HERE for more information. ——————————————————- Job Title: Director of Development Location: New York Application Deadline: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis New Media Advocacy Project Description: The New Media Advocacy Project (N-Map) is an innovative human rights organization that helps human rights lawyers and advocates integrate video and other media into their work. We help advocates throughout the world tell their stories in more compelling and powerful ways to tip the balance of power in the toughest cases and campaigns. N-Map works on behalf of courageous clients in areas such as unlawful detention, gender-based violence, forced evictions, prison conditions, race discrimination, criminal justice, and more. We develop high-quality, tactically sophisticated media advocacy projects that can be used in the courtroom, in legislative offices, within our clients’ communities, and more broadly in public. In 2014, Google […]

Where’s the $500 million Red Cross raised for Haiti earthquake relief?

After Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake, the American Red Cross out-fundraised most other aid organizations, receiving almost $500 million in donations. The Red Cross promised to build thousands of homes but has only built 6 permanent homes in over 5 years. In the interview below, an investigator from NPR explains how she and other journalists discovered this information and why this may have happened. Millions were donated to Red Cross for Haiti earthquake relief. Why haven’t more been helped? PBS June 3, 2015 In 2010, a catastrophic earthquake ravaged Haiti, leaving 1.5 million people homeless. The American Red Cross raised nearly $500 million for relief efforts, announcing plans to create new communities. But an investigation by ProPublica and NPR has concluded that the Red Cross response has been plagued by failures. Jeffrey Brown interviews NPR investigative correspondent Laura Sullivan.   Click HERE […]

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