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Rethinking methods for effective aid and partnerships in Haiti

Following Hurricane Matthew’s destruction, there has been much conversation about how NGOs and outside groups can give effective aid. In the article below, Devex explains a strategy for giving specific, and therefore effective, aid to Haitians on the ground, and the importance in building a relationship with Haitian institutions. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Q&A: Rethinking effective aid and partnerships in Haiti Amy Lieberman, Devex November 16, 2016   American Jewish World Service is giving $800,000 to Haiti this year, on a “slow and steady spend-down” from its annual $2 million funding level in 2010 that followed the devastating earthquake that hit that year. The international nonprofit supports 450 local human rights and poverty-fighting groups worldwide with a unique funding approach that is deliberately light on direct oversight, says Amber Lynn Munger, an AJWS senior […]

Cholera Victims Continue to Seek Justice from UN

On January 9, 2015 a US judge ruled in favor of absolute UN immunity in the cholera case. The judge cited previous cases where UN immunity was upheld but cholera victims and their lawyers argue that those cases differ from this case. Where the UN has provided alternate means of seeking compensation in the past, it has avoided accountability at every turn in this case. This article features interviews with IJDH Executive Director Brian Concannon, UN press officer Sophie Boutaud de la Combe, and future IJDH Legal Intern Wesley Laine. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the original. Lawyers push lawsuit against UN for Haiti cholera outbreak Claire Luke, Devex January 27, 2015 Human rights lawyers in New York are preparing to file an appeal against a U.S. judge’s decision to dismiss a class action lawsuit against the United Nations, […]

Where has the earthquake aid money gone?

Four years after the international community donated $9 billion to Haiti for the January 2010 earthquake, many NGOs have left or scaled down their operations in Haiti.  This article describes where the money may have gone, challenges to disbursement, and why we should still care four years later. Haiti quake: 4 years later, we still don’t know where the money has gone Devex Editor, Devex January 8, 2014 EDITOR’S NOTE: Almost four years after the Haiti earthquake, donors and NGOs have significantly scaled down their operations to attend to other disasters. Two experts from the Center for Global Development explain why we should still care about the victims. January 12, 2014 marks the fourth anniversary of the massive quake in Haiti that left over 200,000 people dead and several million people homeless. The response from rich countries was overwhelming — over […]

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