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Why Bernard Gousse Shouldn’t Be Haiti’s Next Prime Minister (The Dominion, News from the Grassroots)

Wadner Pierre, The Dominion & News from the Grassroots July 12, 2011 First published by: San Francisco Bay View July 10, 2011-In 2004, I was in Haiti living under the injustice Bernard Gousse inflicted on his own people while serving the Haitian elite and the “International Community”. Like many of Gousse’s victims, I was driven into hiding – in my case it came after the arrest of the late Father Gerard Jean-Justice, a prominent Lavalas leader and human rights activist. Under the dictatorship of Gerard Latortue, Gousse ran the Ministry of Justice – an injustice machine that filled Haitian jails with political prisoners, usually targeting the most vulnerable. Here are seven reasons why Gousse shouldn’t be Haiti’s next Prime Minister 1) Gousse became the Minister of Justice after the 2004 coup against Haiti’s democratically elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Gousse was […]

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