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International Community Pushes Haitian Elections By Reducing Aid

At a time when Haitians are particularly vulnerable due to a drought and ensuing food shortages, the international community is withholding aid and donations. Throughout the electoral process, international actors have been urging Haiti to hold elections as soon as possible, despite rampant fraud and other problems with the elections. Now that Haiti has a transitional government which is set to end on May 14, the international community is upping the pressure to hold elections, even though many Haitians are calling for a verification of the previous rounds. As one Haiti expert puts it, “International assistance has always been ‘political,’ so this is not really new. Dependent countries like Haiti have very limited room to maneuver; their sovereignty is always at bay.” Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. As Haiti Political Crisis Deepens, International […]

Drought in Haiti Spawns Severe Lack of Water

Yet another natural disaster is striking Haiti, where people are still recovering from the 2010 earthquake, as well as droughts and floods in 2012 caused by Tropical Storm Isaac and Hurricane Sandy. Two harvest seasons have already been lost due to the eight-month-long drought in northeast Haiti. Food and water are scarce, and international aid organizations are working with the local government to coordinate a response effort. Drought causes extreme emergency in Haiti Everton Fox, Al Jazeera March 19, 2014 A state of emergency has been declared across northeastern Haiti. This is a country where 78 per cent of the population lives below the poverty level. A severe drought is wiping out sorely needed crops and livestock. The dry season is due to last at least another month. Even then it will take the area at least another six months to […]

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