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Red Cross used donations meant for Haiti on own expenses

A recent report released by the office of Iowa senator Chuck Grassley found that the American Red Cross used approximately one quarter of the donations it received to aide Haiti (about $125 million) to cover its own internal expenses. The report also found that the charity impeded government efforts to obtain information on the Red Cross program in Haiti, and understaffed and underfunded its own internal investigation unit, which is responsible for looking into incidences of misconduct and abuse within the organization. Red Cross mismanaged money meant for earthquake relief in Haiti RT America 6/21/2016   Click HERE for the original video.

After Haiti Earthquake Donation Misuse, Red Cross Needs to Win Back Trust

The American Red Cross needs to “make every effort to win [donors’] confidence” back after reports have revealed gross mis-spending of the money donated after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. For example, 25% of the donations were spent on administrative costs and fundraising though those are usually reported at 9%. Senator Charles Grassley has been investigating this issue since a 2015 report by ProPublica and NPR called attention to it. Trust Deficit at the Red Cross Editorial, The New York Times June 17, 2016 After calamities, people donate millions of dollars to the American Red Cross, believing it is uniquely equipped to provide prompt humanitarian aid. The latest evidence that their faith has been misplaced came this week in a report by Senator Charles Grassley about the charity’s poor response to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The earthquake killed an estimated 160,000 people and left much […]

Senator’s Investigation Reveals Problematic Spending of Haiti Earthquake Donations

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has lead an investigation into the American Red Cross use of donations in the 2010 Haiti earthquake campaign. Receiving little to no feedback or answers to his questions, Senator Grassley has had a hard time finding information about the internal spending even though American Red Cross CEO Gail McGovern has claimed to work with the investigation. Though met with subpar communication, Grassley found that the organization has spent around 25 percent of the Haiti donations on internal expenses with ambiguous and unfounded titles such as ‘program expenses,’ a discovery that stands in direct violation of McGovern’s claim that all but 9 percent of donations go to humanitarian aid. The lack of support for internal policing mechanisms by the organization may hold a piece of the blame. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full article. … Report: Red Cross […]

New documents show, Red Cross doesn’t know where half billion dollars of Haiti aid were spent

In new internal Red Cross documents released by ProPublica and NPR on their continued investigation into the spending of post-quake aid, lack of oversight and slow response are outlined as main contributors to why the Red Cross is unaware of where the nearly $500 million has gone. Of the half a billion dollars raised, a large portion was passed on to other groups contributing to aid in Haiti. However, the Red Cross kept almost no oversight of these groups, at least one of which has been proven to have mismanaged funding. Due to a lack of assessment of the effectiveness of projects and poor management from American Red Cross headquarters in Washington, D.C., the spending has not been tracked, leaving everyone to wonder where the donations have gone. Confidential Documents: Red Cross Itself May Not Know How Millions Donated for Haiti were […]

Haiti Fund shows, slow and steady grassroots growth produces lasting results

In the years following the earthquake, Haiti has been on the receiving end of a massive amount of aid. However, despite the efforts of the many thousands of NGOs, non-profits, and governmental groups in Haiti, much of the philanthropy has not been sustainable or successful due to fast growth and lack of direction. Groups such as The Haiti Fund of the Boston Foundation have found that funding grassroots organizations who will demand accountability, and placing Haitians and diaspora in leadership roles, produces lasting results. Big and Fast is Not Better Daniel Moss, Stanford Social Innovation Review July 20, 2015 With questions surfacing in the media about the Red Cross’ housing program and Sean Penn rising to the organization’s defense, the debate about how best to help Haiti is in full swing. And this is before the press on Hillary Clinton’s campaign scrutinizes […]

Five years after the earthquake, has Haiti received its promised relief?

Five years after the destructive January 20, 2010 earthquake near Port-au-Prince, few of the relief efforts promised by independent states, organizations, and the United Nations have been delivered. Despite the billions of dollars pledged in aid, little of that money has been disbursed, and post-disaster relief has been minimal. Much of the relief has been and continues to be centered on the political and individual gain of countries providing aid. Is there justice for Haiti? Ruth-Anne Seburn, Winnipeg Free Press June 8, 2015   In the never-ending news cycle, it’s easy to forget about disasters and crises after they’ve disappeared from the headlines. Haiti and the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in 2010 is a prime example. The Mennonite Central Committee, an international peace, relief and development organization with headquarters in Winnipeg, has worked on the ground in Haiti for more than […]

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