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Lane Wood says 2010 earthquake took toll on Haiti’s water

By Beth Lebwohl, EarthSky Lane Wood : Before the earthquake, a third of Haiti didn’t have access to clean water. EarthSky spoke to Lane Wood of the New York-based organization charity:water. He said that getting access to clean water has grown even more difficult for Haitians since an earthquake struck the Caribbean nation in January of 2010. Wood said it destroyed the infrastructure of Haiti’s capital city, Port Au Prince. Lane Wood: There are over a million people that have been displaced. They’re fleeing to these rural areas outside of the city and finding themselves in areas that don’t have clean water. Haiti’s rural areas, he said, mostly rely on water from polluted mountain streams. He talked about the health impact. Lane Wood: We know that 80 percent of all disease is caused by lack of basic sanitation and lack […]

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