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Report on Risks and Benefits of Mining in Haiti

Interest in mining in Haiti has grown with the success of mining in the Dominican Republic and the Haitian government’s calls for foreign investment. Unfortunately, the Haitian people have been left out of these discussions, despite the human rights and environmental risks faced especially by communities living near mines. This report discusses the challenges and opportunities of mining, as well as how it could impact Haiti as a whole. Part of the Executive Summary is below. Click HERE for the full text. Byen Konte, Mal Kalkile? Human Rights and Environmental Risks of Gold Mining in Haiti Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, Haiti Justice Initiative December 2015 ! Resident, Gode Since I was a little kid I have listened to my grandparents talk about the riches that are in the Haitian soil. We don’t have the tools we need to […]

Mining in Haiti on Hold Since 2012

The current Haitian government and a few companies have been trying to develop Haiti’s mining sector but, even with support from the World Bank, have been unsuccessful. President Martelly and the Senate were unable to come to an agreement before Parliament became non-functional in January. People living in the rural areas under consideration for mining are hopeful that mining will bring new roads and electricity but others caution that those improvements will only apply to the mines, and that the best jobs will go to foreigners. Mining in Haiti on hold amid uncertainty and opposition Ben Fox, Associated Press April 12, 2015 CAP-HAITIEN, Haiti (AP) – The 50-year-old man from the village scrambled up a grassy hill to ask the onsite manager of a U.S. mining company for work. Joseph Tony had heard VCS Mining Inc. was bringing jobs, along with […]

World Bank Pursues Mining Goals Despite Civil Society Objections

The World Bank has been involved in beginning mining projects in Haiti. This, despite 92 civil society organizations signing a letter to World Bank outlining the issues with mining in Haiti and their desire to be included in mining-related decisions. The World Bank rejected their claims and continues to be involved with the mining sector. This article also discusses World Bank involvement in mining in Honduras and Armenia. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. World Bank support for mining expansion criticised Bretton Woods Project March 31, 2015 Despite civil society criticism of World Bank-supported large-scale mining activities, the Bank is still involved in controversial extractives projects (see Observer Summer 2014, Bulletin Dec 2013). Local and international campaigners argue that, through technical assistance, the Bank facilitates the opening up of countries’ extractive industries to transnational companies over supporting domestic […]

Hillary Clinton Should Denounce Negative Impact of Haiti Mining

Hillary Clinton recently came under fire for her brother’s involvement with mining contracts in Haiti, because of her position as Secretary of State and the influence of the Clinton Foundation. This article advises her to focus on the devastating environmental impacts mining would have in Haiti, a country whose environment is already very unstable. It focuses particularly on the negative effect of mining on clean water, which Haiti struggled with even before UN peacekeepers brought cholera to the island. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Advice for Hillary Clinton on Her Brother’s Bad Judgment John Cavanagh, The Nation March 25, 2015 The Washington Post reported on Saturday that Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, is on the advisory board of a company that is trying to mine gold in Haiti. No one should be judged based on […]

Over 80 Organizations Stand Against Mining in Haiti

Despite outcry from the Haiti Mining Justice Collective and other Haitians, the World Bank continues to support mining in Haiti. In a country that already struggles with public health and water issues, mining could easily cause more devastation. Last month, World Bank rejected a petition from these groups. Now, over 80 organizations are demanding that the World Bank act more responsibly. International Outcry Over World Bank Role in Haiti Mining Sector Accountability Counsel March 9, 2015 Today more than 80 organizations from around the world joined with the Haiti Mining Justice Collective, the NYU Global Justice Clinic and Accountability Counsel to demand that the World Bank take responsibility for its actions in Haiti.  Through a dangerous policy loophole, the Bank has provided support to develop the Haitian mining sector without applying its own standards for protecting vulnerable populations and the environment.  Signatories fear that […]

World Bank Ignores Environmental Concerns in Haiti Mining

The World Bank recently refused a complaint filed by Haitians who are worried about the negative impacts of mining in Haiti. On top of the environmental risks Haiti already faces, including a cholera epidemic brought by UN peacekeepers, mining could cause irreparable damage. This article outlines some of the effects mining can have on Haiti, as well as an example of damage mining has done in El Salvador. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. World Bank mining ruling will only bring more pain to Haiti Nathalie Baptiste, Latin Correspondent March 4, 2015 In early February, in yet another blow to Haitian civil society, the World Bank refused to hear a complaint filed by the Justice Mining Collective on the revival of the mining sector in Haiti. According to the World Bank, Haiti’s mining sector is constrained by “outdated legal […]

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