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Edwidge Danticat Speaks on Mac McClelland Essay

Edwidge Danticat, Essence July 10, 2011 At the risk of prolonging a contentious debate concerning this essay by Mother Jones magazine reporter Mac McClelland, I would like to add another voice to the conversation. Earlier this year, I  met the woman that Ms. McClelland has called both Sybille and K* in her writings. I met her at a meeting for rape survivors in Port-au-Prince. She is a 25-year-old mother of three children. She has a beautiful singing voice and often sings in talent shows to inspire other rape survivors. You have no right to speak of my story. This incredibly brave and talented woman speaks Creole, French and Spanish.  She learned Spanish while traveling between Haiti and the Dominican Republic to buy grocery items, toiletries and non-perishables that she would then resell in Port-au-Prince. She lost the father of her older […]

Fighting Back: After the Quake

By. Lisa Armstrong, Essence Magazine The moon was out, white and full the night the men came. It was one in the morning, still and quiet except for the chirping of the crickets. Andrela had never felt safe in this large, desolate field she and ten other families now called home. They set up tents only a month after the earthquake cracked and crumbled their homes. Survival hadn’t been easy for the 35-year-old single mother, who slept at the entrance to her tent to protect the eight children – five her own, plus a niece and two nephews who lost their mother to AIDS just days before the earthquake. It was the sound of someone tripping over a rope that awoke Andrela. Before she knew what was happening, a man had cut a hole in the back of the tent. […]

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