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What’s going on with Haiti’s elections? This latest News Roundup from the Haiti Elections Blog includes conflicts over the end of interim president Privert’s term; withdrawal of the European Union observers; political wrangling by former president Martelly’s party, PHTK; and more. Whether or not the international community will fight against a re-run of Haiti’s elections remains to be seen. Click HERE for the full News Roundup. Haiti Elections News Roundup – June 20 Haiti Elections Blog June 20, 2016 The end of interim President Jocelerme Privert’s 120-day term came and went on June 14 without any decision by Haiti’s parliament, leaving confusion in its wake. The disputes over extending Privert’s mandate spilled out into the streets, with some of his opponents hinting at the possibility of his removal by force. The international powers expressed their dismay at the political uncertainty created […]

Concern from E.U. and U.S. Over Election Rerun

Both the E.U. and the U.S. have expressed concern with the decision of Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council to rerun the country’s presidential elections, while the OAS has supported it. In reaction to the decision, the E.U. closed its observer mission in Haiti, while the U.S. State Department announced its “regret” that the election will be prolonged even further. How the reactions of the E.U. and U.S. will affect the funding for the elections remains uncertain, but the OAS has pledged to continue to play a “positive role in the electoral process”. Part of the article is below, click HERE for the full text. U.S., EU criticize Haiti presidential elections rerun Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald 6/8/2016   Haiti’s decision to rerun its disputed first-round presidential vote continued to ripple through the international community Wednesday as the European Union and the United States criticized the move, […]

European Union Must Support Haitian Democracy

This statement discusses the European Union’s role in pressuring Haiti to go forward with elections widely recognized as fraudulent and illegitimate, especially by average Haitians. It emphasizes the importance of fair elections in Haiti and the need for the EU to consider and respect the concerns of Haitian civil society. Part of the statement is  below. Click HERE for the full text. Cliquez ICI pour la version française. Coordination Europe-Haiti Brussels, February 3, 2016 Statement Towards a Haitian solution of the current political crisis The Coordination Europe-Haiti has taken note of the decision taken by the Electoral Council on Friday 22 January to, again, postpone the second round for the presidential elections in Haiti. This decision did not come as a surprise, given the continued and mounting criticism at the validity of the results of rounds on 9 August and 25 […]

Brian Concannon Explains How Secretary Kerry Can Help Haiti’s Elections

US Secretary of State John Kerry will visit Haiti on October 6 to discuss elections, of which the next round is scheduled for October 25. So far, neither the US nor the international community has done enough to dis-incentivize the crimes that allowed certain parties to succeed in the first round of elections on August 9th. Many voters walked hours to reach their polling centers but were turned away by armed thugs once they arrived. For legitimate presidential elections on October 25, more votes need to be counted. Violence, ballot stuffing and other fraud needs to be discouraged. John Kerry’s State Department has the economic influence to help make that happen. Part of the op-ed is below. Click HERE for the full text. (Traduction non-officielle au fond.) Instill integrity in Haiti’s election Brian Concannon, Miami Herald October 5, 2015 Secretary of […]

Officiel de l’UE admet des problèmes majeurs avec les élections du 9 août

José Antonio De Gabriel, chef adjoint de la mission d’observation électorale de l’UE en Haïti, a été interviewé par Le Nouvelliste et essentiellement confirmé ce que nous savions déjà: Il a dénoncé (à titre personnel, il nous semble) la «violence méthodique” des candidats ciblant centres de vote dans les zones où ils ont moins de soutien, pour influencer le résultat. Il admet également, contrairement au rapport préliminaire de l’UE, que l’impact de cette violence était énorme, et que la violence a découragé la participation des électeurs. La mission de l’UE apparemment ne sera pas publier un rapport complet sur ses observations jusqu’à la fin de tout le processus électoral. Partie de l’article est ci-dessous. Cliquez ICI pour le texte complet. L’Union européenne fait des propositions pour améliorer le processus électoral Louis-Joseph Olivier, Le Nouvelliste 25 août 2015 La Mission d’observation électorale de […]

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