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An Evaluation of the Causes and Results of U.N. Peacekeeper Actions

This four part series details the history of sexual assault by UN peacekeepers and what has been done to combat it. The UN peacekeeping mission began in 1948, right after WWII. In order to protect the soldiers who were deployed, the U.N provided its soldiers with impunity (all cases against peacekeepers had to be brought in the parent country, in order to protect the soldiers from fraudulent charges.)However, this protection has been the cause of many grievances for the women and children of these nations—victims of sexual assault are unable to take their assailants to court. Between 2004 and 2016, the UN received almost 2000 reports of sexual assault perpetrated by peacekeepers. In predominately black nations with a low socioeconomic status, the rate of sexual violence is much more  significant and leads researchers to believe that the idea of racial […]

UN Whistleblower Speaks Out: “Why I Resigned From the UN”

Anders Kompass leaked information from the UN about peacekeepers’s sexual abuse and exploitation of children. For this, he was asked to resign and put under investigation. Although he was exonerated, he believes the only reason this happened was because internal UN employees leaked information about his investigation, forcing the UN to act ethically. If it were up to the UN the truth would be buried forever. Kompass says that the United Nations rarely holds its employees accountable for their unethical actions, and they punish those who choose to take the ethical but unpopular stance. In his own words, “the UN promotes an atmosphere of fear and marginalises individuals seen as not toeing the line.” The international justice system is extremely flawed, yet there has been no effort to improve the system. Anders Kompass says he resigned because he could not continue to fight for human rights […]

Un Peacekeepers Father Children, Leaving Haitians in Increased Poverty

Despite protocols and rules saying that United Nations peacekeepers should not have sexual relations with local people when they’re deployed, sexual abuse and exploitation has become a major problem in UN missions worldwide. An even bigger problem is when those relations result in fatherless children and leave the mothers even poorer than before the peacekeepers arrived. Since 2010, at least 15 children were fathered by peacekeepers in Haiti. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Quebec police officers engaged in sexual misconduct in Haiti Jean-Philippe Robillard, CBC News April 6, 2016 Several Quebec police officers engaged in sexual misconduct while working as UN peacekeepers in Haiti, including at least two who had children with Haitian women during the course of their mission, Radio-Canada has learned. “There’s a code of silence. The cases that are not reported are kept secret. […]

Widespread Accusations of Sexual Exploitation Committed by UN Peacekeepers

This article sheds light on the sexual abuse perpetrated by UN peacekeepers in the Central African Republic since 2014. According to the Washington Post, there have been 42 cases of sexual abuse or exploitation by UN soldiers in CAR since the start of the mission. This phenomenon does not limit itself to CAR, as similar cases have occurred in Kosovo, Liberia and Haiti. Indeed, in 2007, 114 members of the Sri Lankan peacekeeping contingent were accused of sexual exploitation during their mission in Haiti. The article denounces the inaction of the UN in investigating and prosecuting the implicated soldiers. Unfortunately, in repeated cases throughout the years, those who were often seen as saviors, have brought despair and horror to the people they were supposed to protect. Members of a U.N. peacekeeping force in the Central African Republic allegedly turned to […]

UN Abuses of Power Will Have Serious Consequences

Aid to impoverished countries can often have unintended consequences. The “unintended consequences of UN peacekeepers’ presence in Haiti, however, have become symbols of the lack of accountability for injustices committed by UN personnel. Victims of a cholera epidemic brought to Haiti by the UN have been fighting five years for compensation, water and sanitation infrastructure, and an official apology from the UN. Meanwhile, sexual exploitation and abuse by UN personnel has gone vastly under-reported and silenced. How the UN deals with these issues will have serious consequences for its image and authority going forward. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Taking the ‘Unintended Consequences’ of Peacekeeping Seriously – How Haiti Has the Potential to Revolutionize World Politics, Again Nicolas Lemay-Hebert, MUNPlanet February 26, 2016 Haiti has long been described a perennial ‘failed state,’ a ‘basket […]

BAI envoie une lettre ouverte à Gustavo Gallon concernant MINUSTAH

BUREAU DES AVOCATS INTERNATIONAUX 3, 2ème rue Lavaud B.P. 19048 Port-au-Prince, Haiti (509) 2943 2106 / 07, 3701 9879 Email: Lettre ouverte Port-au-Prince, le 21 Février 2016 Monsieur Gustavo Gallón, Expert Indépendant des Nations-Unies sur la Situation des Droits Humains en Haïti Monsieur l’Expert Indépendant, Le Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI), dans sa mission de défendre les droits des plus démunis, les droits inaliénables, imprescriptibles et inhérents à la personne humaine, en particulier ceux des victimes du choléra importé par la MINUSTAH, des Femmes et Filles victimes de viol, d’agressions sexuelles et autres abus de droit, prend acte de votre visite en Haïti, du 22 février au 1er mars 2016, dans le cadre d’une mission de suivi de violations des droits humains et du même coup, vous remercie pour votre dernier rapport sur la situation des droits humains en […]

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