Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti

Violence against women and social assessment in the camps in Haiti

María Suárez Toro, FIRE While I lay in a tent in FIRE´s camp in Haiti I remember one of the first popular songs that changed social consciousness  regarding violence against women, at a time when the subject was a well-known secret and there was no political, social and cultural acknowledgement of violence against women as a violation of the human rights of women. “My name is Luka” came out the hit parade around the end of the eighties of the last century. In a soft voice, almost whispering, Luka tells us that she is the neighbor who lives upstairs and if you hear her moaning and aching, you may not know exactly what is happening, but you can imagine. She changed many of us because she gave a voice to what was happening behind closed doors (in the privacy of homes), a […]

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