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What’s Expected for Haiti’s 2nd Round of Elections?

Due to the importance of Haiti’s 2015 elections and the gravity of the problems faced in the first round on August 9th, Flashpoints did an encore feature on the elections. The segment includes interviews with political analysts Jocelyn Gaye and Frantz Jerome, as well as IJDH’s own Brian Concannon. The 3 discuss the issues with the first round of elections, the popular Fanmi Lavalas party finally being allowed to run, what is expected in the second round of elections, and more. Click HERE for the original post. Best of Haiti Parliamentary Election Coverage on Flashpoints KPFA Flashpoints August 25, 2015   Click HERE for the original post.

Why Haiti’s First Round of Elections Is A Big Deal

In this interview (starting at 29:50), IJDH Executive Director Brian Concannon discusses Haiti’s first round of legislative elections, which took place on August 9, 2015. This round was seen as in indication of what to expect from the next round, which includes the presidential elections. Brian covers this topic, as well as the discrepancies between what was happening on the ground on Election Day and what international observers were reporting, and more. Kevin Pina, Flashpoints August 13, 2015 Click HERE for the original link.

Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste interviewed on Flashpoints, KPFA

Flashpoints can be heard via the internet at www.flashpoints.netWednesday, April 6, 2006On Flashpoints today at 5:00 PM (PST) and 8:00 PM (EST): Flashpoints Correspondent Kevin Pina interviews Father Gerard Jean-Juste from Miami where he is currently undergoing chemotherapy to treat his leukemia. Father Jean-Juste was designated a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International after his second arrest and incarceration in Haiti and before his conditional release on humanitarian grounds. Jean-Juste discusses in detail the false charges made against him by the U.S.-installed and U.N.-backed government of Gerard Latortue. The Latortue regime falsely accused the 63 year-old Catholic priest of involvement in the kidnapping, torture and brutal murder of a Haitian journalist. Jean-Juste also addresses the assassination of journalist Jean Dominique and renewed accusations against persons affliated with Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s Lavalas movement made by Dominique’s widow and a dubious press rights […]

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