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Entrepreneurial Potential Overlooked in Haiti

The author of this article challenges us to think about Haiti not as the poor victim but as a place full of potential, particularly for young Haitian entrepreneurs.  If everyone starts to think of Haitians as having agency, international organizations can do a better job of helping them. Why We Need To Learn To See Haiti Through Different Eyes Linda Peia, Forbes December 16, 2013 In his recent piece in the McKinsey Voices on Society, Olivier Barrau (@obarrau), CEO of the Alternative Insurance Company in Haiti, makes a strong case for changing the fatalistic mindset in Haiti, which he considers to be one of the reasons why the insurance market in Haiti remains highly underdeveloped.  Olivier’s focus on changing the cultural mindset in Haiti is a common principle of many successful entrepreneurs in Haiti.  Haitians must be convinced that they […]

Lessons From Haiti And Chile

Richard S. Olson, Forbes As Haiti and Chile move from disaster response to recovery–and after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook northern Mexico and southern California Sunday–it is time to step back and extract larger lessons from the quakes in Haiti and Chile. The first lesson is that Haiti and Chile are worlds apart. In its 2009 Human Development Index, the U.N. ranked Haiti No. 149 out of 182 countries, the worst in the Western Hemisphere; Chile was No. 44, bested in the Western Hemisphere only by Canada (No. 4), the U.S. (No. 13), and Barbados (No. 37). In its 2009 Corruption Perceptions Index, Transparency International ranked Haiti No. 168 out of 180 countries; Chile was No. 25, bested in the Western Hemisphere only by Canada (No. 8), the U.S. (No. 19), Barbados (No. 20) and Saint Lucia (No. 22). Finally, […]

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