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Foreign Policy Association: UN Cholera Response is Degrading

This Foreign Policy Association article discusses the UN’s apparent lack of humanity and morality in its responses to cholera in Haiti, citing Mario Joseph and mentioning IJDH. The U.N. Lacks Moral Authority to Dictate Morale in Haiti Chris Celius, Foreign Policy Association November 25, 2013 Photo: Latimes It is a volcano jumping between dormant and active stages and last month, it erupted again, spitting a litany of condemning editorials across global opinion pages that set ablaze United Nations’ inexcusable, uncompromising policy in Haiti, where the cholera epidemic, now entering its fourth year, killed more than 8,300 people and sickened another 650,000. An advocacy group representing the victims provoked the latest upsurge of Haiti’s cholera fiasco when it filed a lawsuit against the U.N. in a Manhattan Federal District Court, demanding reparations. Although an Everest of evidence only indexed U.N. peacekeepers, particularly a Nepalese contingent […]

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