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Trump Administration Does Not Intend to Contribute to the U.N. Cholera Relief Fund in Haiti

Even though the United States has donated approximately $4.2 billion since the 2010 earthquake, The Trump administration has shown no interest in contributing to the U.N Cholera Relief Fund in Haiti now, nor in the future. The administration argued that they are not responsible for the epidemic and blamed it on U.N. incompetence and the Nepalese peacekeepers. Ban Ki-Moon, former U.N Secretary General has established a trust fund to prevent the further spread of cholera, but has never acknowledged any U.N. legal obligation to compensate Haiti’s victims. It’s now up to the Trump Administration to decide whether to provide aid. Trump Won’t Pay a Penny For U.N. Cholera Relief Fund in Haiti   Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy  June 1, 2017 The Trump administration will rebuff a recent U.N. appeal to contribute millions of dollars to a cash-short trust fund established last year to provide relief […]

Can apology without admitting fault clear Ban Ki-moon’s legacy?

On December 1,before the United Nations General Assembly, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon finally apologized for the UN’s role in the cholera epidemic in Haiti. It was a major moment and much-needed in an effort to salvage Ban’s legacy before he (likely) goes on to run for president of his home South Korea. But the carefully-worded apology didn’t include an acknowledgment of the UN’s fault in the epidemic. A current and a former UN official say that without that, it will be very difficult for the UN to raise funds to support cholera elimination and Ban’s legacy may not be saved after all. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. With an Eye on South Korea’s Presidency, Ban Ki-moon Seeks to Burnish his U.N. Legacy Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy December 28, 2016 On Jan. 15, 2016, Australian lawyer Philip […]

Not Too Late for UN to Apologize to Haiti for Cholera

Special Rapporteur Philip Alston has released a report condemning the UN for their inaction in the cholera crisis in Haiti.  The admittance by the UN of their involvement in the origins of the epidemic is important, but Alston states that there is still a long road ahead in the UN righting their wrong. Part of the article is below.  Click HERE for the full article. Human Rights Expert to UN Chief: It’s Not Too Late to Say Sorry to Haitians for Cholera Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy October 25, 2016 About two months ago, the United Nations ended years of denial about the role of U.N. peacekeepers in causing Haiti’s 2010 cholera epidemic,acknowledging for the first time that blue helmets had a hand in it. But the U.N. has yet to issue an apology or to accept legal responsibility for those actions, instead […]

More of the Same With UN Secretary-General Candidate Malcorra

Frontrunner to be the next UN Secretary-General, Susana Malcorra represents the bureaucratic politics the UN seeks to reform. While she is known to broker deals between member states and bring political expediency, she is also seen as unwilling to stand up to powerful member states like America and Russia and compromises on human rights in the process. Her prowess in maneuvering multilateral institutions and her career in the UN Secretariat means that she is owed some responsibility for the UN failings such as accepting responsibility for the cholera outbreak in Haiti. Can a Consummate Insider Bring the Change the U.N. Desperately Needs? Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy 5 July 2016 Susana Malcorra, Argentina’s foreign minister and a leading candidate to become the U.N.’s ninth secretary-general, understands the inner workings of Turtle Bay better than any of her 10 rivals, a double-edged attribute that could […]

How to Improve Peacekeeping Worldwide

It seems like more often than not, peacekeepers around the world have hurt local populations more than they have helped. This article discusses why that happens–usually by peacekeepers being out of touch with the local population–and how that can change. The solutions are simpler than one might think. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Trouble in Peaceland By operating from a fortified bubble, dismissing local knowledge, and not speaking the language, peace missions are actually hindering the people they’re trying to help. Severine Autesserre, Foreign Policy October 6, 2015   May 2010, in an attempt to bring state authority back to war-torn parts of eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) began helping the Congolese police deploy officers to particularly volatile villages. Aided by other international peacebuilding organizations, […]

Impunity for Peacekeeper Sexual Abuse Must End

There has been a new case of sexual abuse in the Central African Republic, where in just 3 years, 13 peacekeepers have been accused of rape or sexual assault. This article breaks down the problem of sexual assault and abuse as it relates to impunity of United Nations peacekeepers. Often, the victims never see justice as “To a large degree, a denial of justice in peacekeeper sexual abuse is baked into the system.” Many organizations, such as AIDS-Free World, are standing up to say that the culture of impunity must change. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. The U.N. Is Not Serious About Its Peacekeeper Rape Problem Lauren Wolfe, Foreign Policy August 13, 2015 It was a raid gone horribly wrong. In the early morning hours of Sunday, Aug. 2, U.N. peacekeeping troops in the Central […]

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