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Will the UN finally stop stonewalling Haiti’s cholera victims?

The last few weeks have brought damning reports about the UN’s actions regarding cholera in Haiti. Finally, there was a glimmer of hope when for the first time in almost six years, a UN spokesperson admitted UN involvement in the cholera epidemic. The glimmer was dimmed by an Appeals Court’s decision to uphold UN immunity in a case on behalf of the cholera victims. The UN, however, has welcomed the recommendations from one of the two damning reports, and promises to reveal some new actions against cholera in the coming two months. Are these signs that the UN may finally take concrete action against the epidemic it started back in October 2010? ——— UN stonewall on Haiti cholera epidemic starts to crumble George Russell, Fox News August 19, 2016 The United Nations’ wall of denial concerning its responsibility for Haiti’s six-year-old […]

New Report Reveals Abysmal Sanitation Practices on UN Bases in Haiti

A recently-released report shows that sanitation and water purification practices on MINUSTAH bases in Haiti were even worse than previous reports have indicated, including years of dumping sewage into Haiti’s canals even after the cholera epidemic had begun. This calls into question the credibility of UN efforts to improve Haiti’s water and sanitation systems, especially as these practices continued even after the UN launched its cholera elimination plan. At least 9,300 Haitians have died of cholera and 780,000 have been infected. —— Amid Haiti cholera epidemic, UN peacekeepers spill sewage and ignore water treatment, says internal report George Russell, Fox News August 11, 2016 While the United Nations touted its efforts in Haiti aimed at ending the world’s worst modern cholera epidemic — a calamity many experts assert the U.N. itself caused — U.N. peacekeepers were blatantly violating their own sanitary rules for containing the […]

Has international pressure stopped mass deportations from DR?

While the Dominican Republic (DR) has yet to make good on its promise of deporting people who failed to meet near-impossible registration requirements, advocates caution that deportations may still happen. Many fear that the only reason DR hasn’t kept the promise is because of the international outcry against it. Though outright deportations haven’t yet begun, many of Haitian descent are living in fear of violence, harassment and sudden forced deportations from DR. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Opinion: Ethnic cleansing in the Dominican Republic deserves condemnation Raul A. Reyes, Fox News Latino July 13, 2015 Last week, the Dominican Republic halted its plan to expel tens of thousands of Haitian migrants and Dominicans of Haitian descent from the country. According to U.S. News & World Report, pressure from the international community and a wave of […]

Dark-Skinned Dominicans Being Deported to Haiti

This article details how darker-skinned Dominicans and ones with French-sounding last names are being deported on the assumption that they’re Haitian, because of the Constitutional Court ruling in September.  Once in Haiti, many of these people have no options but to try to sneak back into DR because they have no ties with Haiti anymore. Court ruling on citizenship leaves some stranded in Haiti, boosts fears in Dominican Republic Associated Press, Fox News November 21, 2013 PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI –  Wilver Cuevas Betances was born in the Dominican Republic and never left until he ran into some soldiers at a bus station in Santo Domingo who demanded his passport. “I don’t have a passport. I’m Dominican,” the 29-year-old recalls telling the soldiers. Ignoring his pleas, his perfect Spanish, and the Dominican identification card showing his birthplace, they deported him the following […]

As Renewed Haiti Cholera Crisis Looms, UN Blamed For Inadequate Effort

George Russell, May 23, 2013 As the annual rainy season gathers over Haiti, bringing the risk of a renewed cholera epidemic that first struck in October 2011, growing numbers of health care professionals and relief workers are openly critical of the United Nations — which many believe brought the deadly disease to Haiti in the first place. “The situation is worse than it was two years ago, “ says Duncan McLean, a health program manager for Doctors Without Borders, a voluntary organization that treated some 23,000 Haitians for cholera last year. “I’m very, very concerned about the state of cholera preparation in Haiti. The situation has become more dangerous than it was before.” More than 656,000 people have been infected, and 8,090 died of water-borne cholera as of  March 31, according to the Haitian health ministry, and according to McLean, […]

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