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Haiti’s camp residents call for housing reforms, long-term strategy

Free Speech Radio News October 19, 2010 Click here to listen. Today, the UN official in charge of displaced persons called the situation in Haiti a “profound humanitarian crisis.” In a statement, Walter Kaelin said that around 1.3 million people still live in spontaneous camps. He urged the Haitian government to stop forced evictions from private land and warned about violence against women and children in the camps. One of those sites is Sentra Camp in Grand Goave, where 1,220 people live in 300 tents. Reporters with Haiti Grassroots Watch, a community-based media project staffed with local Haitian reporters, visited the camp, where they found no government agency or NGOs assisting people. Haiti Grassroots Watch interviewed camp resident Francois Delois. He said he and his neighbors had lost everything in the earthquake. He showed the inside of his small tent […]

Haitians cope with trauma of surviving earthquake, one month later

Free Speech Radio News One month ago, the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook Haiti in the late afternoon on January 12. The death toll is still unconfirmed, but this week government officials in Haiti said it could be as high as 230,000 and rebuilding the country may take over a decade. But for the survivors that endured such a brutal experience, the horrifying memories could stay with them for a lifetime. Dolores M. Bernal reports. Click here to listen

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