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Pro: U.N. Must Take Responsibility for Ending Epidemic Caused by its troops

By Mark Weisbrot, GazetteXtra August 9, 2012 WASHINGTON — EDITOR’S NOTE: The writer is addressing the question, “Should the United States insist the United Nations move to end Haiti’s cholera epidemic?” Haitians have had a long and arduous struggle just to achieve the rights that most people in the rest of the hemisphere have enjoyed. From the revolution of Haitian slaves that won independence from the French in 1804, through the U.S. occupation from 1915 to 1934, the Duvalier family dictatorship that stretched from 1957 to 1986, and the last 20 years of devastating foreign intervention, the “international community” just hasn’t seen Haitians as having the same basic human rights as people in other countries. They still don’t, perhaps because Haitians are too poor and black. While the horrific earthquake of January 2010 brought international sympathy and aid—much more pledged than delivered—it didn’t […]

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