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Can Haiti and DR Overcome their Bloody History?

This article outlines the rocky history between Haiti and the Dominican Republic (DR), which plays a major role in the current citizenship/deportation crisis in DR. It also discusses the natural economic partnership that comes from sharing an island. Making an example of President Obama’s decision to “cut loose the shackles of the [US’] past” with Cuba, the author asks whether Haiti and DR can come to a similar agreement. Dominican Republic and Haiti: Is it Time for an Island Reunification? Rachel Décoste, HuffPost Canada June 22, 2015 To keep the peace, one might avoid pairing certain nationals together: Argentina versus Britain, Japan versus Korea, Armenia and Turkey, India versus Pakistan,Russia versus Ukraine. There’s one lesser-known international squabble that’s been festering for centuries: Haiti versus the Dominican Republic. This week, binational tensions are heightened once again as the Dominican Republic threatens […]

Te la do io l’Onu/5: l’impunità ai tempi del colera ad Haiti

Enrico Muratore, il Fatto Mondo 21 Maggio 2013 La storia di Haiti e del suo orgoglioso e sfortunato popolo è costellata di tragedie e cataclismi; e le pur terribili catastrofi naturali, come gli uragani a cui l’isola è ciclicamente esposta, non sono neppure il peggio di quanto il destino ha riservato agli haitiani. Più orrendi ancora sono stati i continui crimini commessi dall’uomo: cominciando dal mostruosogenocidio degli indigeni Taíno Arawak, che fu immediatamente seguito dall’infame e mai sanata vergogna della tratta negriera e della schiavitù degli Africani nelle piantagioni di canna da zucchero, caffè e tabacco; passando per la feroce, lunga dittatura dei Duvalier, per arrivare ad un drammatico presente, in cui si mescolano caos politico, violenza ed ingiustizia sociale, e l’abietta miseria in cui vivono i discendenti degli schiavi, nel paese più povero di tutto il continente americano. E siccome la fortuna è cieca, ma la sfortuna purtroppo ci […]

None dare call it Genocide

COMMON SENSE JOHN MAXWELL Sunday, June 29, 2008 It may come as a surprise to many more Europeans than to American white people that a great many intelligent and sophisticated people of African ancestry are convinced that there are important classes of whites who are conspiring to wipe them off the face of the Earth. This may be the most pervasive conspiracy theory of all because it is made more credible by an impressive history of genocidal attacks on black people and other non-whites. Advocates for ‘Indians’ of the Amazon say the natives believe they are threatened not simply by greedy ranchers and gold miners but by missionaries from the United States, hoping to clear oil-rich areas of the indigenous populations as in Darfur. In Bolivia, for example, the recent attempt by some provinces to disaffiliate themselves from the rest […]


Common Sense John Maxwell Sunday, February 03, 2008 We have some great news for dieters this week! The Haitians, with a little help from the Americans, the French and the Canadians, have produced a solution to the obesity crisis that now threatens western civilisation. Haiti’s great and good friends in Washington, Paris and Ottawa have, at last, after several years of hard, grinding effort, managed to create the condition known as ‘critical mess’ [sic] allowing the Haitians to produce a diet which – unlike any other slimming solution – is absolutely guaranteed to work. Other slimming solutions have always had one weak spot: no matter how low-calorie the diet is, dieters can always defeat the purpose by overeating. The new Haitian diet makes that impossible! No matter how much you eat you will not get fat!! This is sensational news!!! […]

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