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Haitian Government Vision for Development Excludes Haitians

While land disputes have long been a problem in Haiti, particularly when they hampered rebuilding efforts, they have become increasingly worse on the island of Ile-a-Vache. In hopes of drawing tourists to the country and improving its poor economy, the Haitian government has been destroying Ile-a-Vache residents’ livelihoods to make room for tourist attractions and an airport. The residents are angry and demand their rights but the current political crisis means that President Martelly may become the sole decider of those rights. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Five years after the earthquake, Haiti remains on unsteady ground Jacob Kushner, Global Post January 12, 2015 ILE-A-VACHE, Haiti — One day in October, 81-year-old Mascary Mesura was working in his garden of corn and coconut trees when the mayor of this small island off the southern […]

Lack of Cholera Accountability Puts UN at Risk

At the core of the United Nations’ values are human rights and the rule of law. When it comes to the cholera epidemic in Haiti, however, Attorney Tim Howard argues that the UN has completely ignored those values. Although mounds of scientific evidence prove UN peacekeepers’ responsibility for bringing cholera to Haiti in 2010, the UN has remained unaccountable ever since.  Many believe that this lack of accountability greatly undermines the UN’s ability to hold others accountable in the future. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. In denying Haiti cholera deaths, UN risks violating its core purpose Tim Howard, Global Post November 9, 2014 CAMBRIDGE, England — Late last month, attorneys argued before the US Federal District Court in Manhattan that the United Nations is not immune from liability for the spread of cholera throughout Haiti. The medical […]

US Food Aid Hurts Vulnerable Economies

The US Department of Agriculture Food for Peace program has been said to cater to US interests but not those of the people it’s supposed to help. Haiti is a prime example of this, with American rice flooding the market and keeping Haitian farmers out of business. In Haiti, all eyes on US to reform ‘unjustifiable’ food aid program US Congress is on the verge of rejecting a money-saving proposal that would deliver US food aid to more people and boost foreign farmers in the process. Jacob Kushner, GlobalPost January 13, 2014 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — The idea that the delivery of American food aid needs an overhaul goes almost without question here in the capital of a nation still recovering from the devastating earthquake of four years ago. Farmers in Haiti and many of their counterparts in the United States are joining foreign aid […]

Haiti cholera outbreak: UN will not compensate victims

Agencies and Mariya Karimjee, Global Post February 21, 2013 The United Nations has formally rejected a multi-billion-dollar damages claim for a cholera outbreak in Haiti that has been widely blamed on UN peacekeepers. About 8,000 people have died in the epidemic since October 2010 but the UN will not pay compensation any of the victims, claiming that it is immune from such claims under a 1946 convention setting out the UN’s immunities for its actions. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon telephoned Haiti’s President Michel Martelly on Thursday “to inform him of the decision and to reiterate the commitment of the United Nations to the elimination of cholera in Haiti,” Nesirky said. Lawyers for thousands of the victims rejected the UN statement and said they now plan to file a case with a court in Haiti, the United States or in Europe. Some health experts say the cholera […]

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