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Haiti and the Politics of Containment

Review of Peter Hallward’s book: Damming the Flood: Haiti, Aristide and the Politics of Containment by Roger Annis Global Research, May 26, 2008 Socialist Voice In April, mass protests against hunger and rising food prices erupted in Haiti and led to the fall of the government. On April 18, Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis resigned following a vote of non-confidence in Haiti’s senate. The vote was orchestrated by some of Haiti’s wealthy elite, seeking to bring the government of President Ren� Pr�val more directly under their control. The story of hunger in Haiti goes far beyond recent hikes in world food prices. The country’s crushing poverty � it is the poorest country in the Americas � is the result of decades of exploitation and interference by the world’s big powers, principally the United States, with Canada and France increasingly joining […]

Civilians killed by UN sponsored “peace keeping” forces in Haiti

by Wadner Pierre, Global Research February 10, 2007 Sisters killed by MINUSTAH in Haiti On Thursday February 1, 2006 MINUSTAH soldiers launched a two day assault on the Boston district of Cite Soleil. A Boston resident, father of two children killed by MINUSTAH during the assault, was asked why he thought MINUSTAH had come into his neighborhood. “I do not know why. I am Mercius Lubin. My wife is called Marie Danielle Remy and my young girls killed by the Soldiers of the MINUTAH are called Alexandra Lubin and St�phanie Lubin. It is the noise of MINUSTAH’s fire that awoke us. I saw that I was wounded in one of my arms. My wife in one of her feet and my two young girls were bathed in their own blood. We do not know anything. We have no business with […]

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