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Haiti Grassroots Organizations’ Statement Demanding Fair Elections

In the statement below, written right before the postponement of the January 24th presidential “run-off” election, 68 grassroots organizations in Haiti issue an urgent call for solidarity with their struggle for free and fair elections, dignity and justice. The statement was written as tens of thousands of Haitians have taken to the streets – braving assassination, tear gas, beatings, and police torture – demanding the annulment of the fraudulent elections that gave the lead positions in the legislative and presidential races to the hand-picked candidates of President Michel Martelly.  The January 22 postponement of the presidential election was a dramatic and hard-won victory for the people’s movement, which had insisted that no election take place until it could be free and fair and democratic. Part of the statement is below. Click HERE for the full statement. Statement from Haiti’s popular movement […]

Haiti Fund shows, slow and steady grassroots growth produces lasting results

In the years following the earthquake, Haiti has been on the receiving end of a massive amount of aid. However, despite the efforts of the many thousands of NGOs, non-profits, and governmental groups in Haiti, much of the philanthropy has not been sustainable or successful due to fast growth and lack of direction. Groups such as The Haiti Fund of the Boston Foundation have found that funding grassroots organizations who will demand accountability, and placing Haitians and diaspora in leadership roles, produces lasting results. Big and Fast is Not Better Daniel Moss, Stanford Social Innovation Review July 20, 2015 With questions surfacing in the media about the Red Cross’ housing program and Sean Penn rising to the organization’s defense, the debate about how best to help Haiti is in full swing. And this is before the press on Hillary Clinton’s campaign scrutinizes […]

Other Worlds Seeks “Another Haiti is Possible Coordinator”

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: ANOTHER HAITI IS POSSIBLE COORDINATOR April 8, 2015 Organizational Description: Other Worlds is a women-driven education and movement-support collaborative. We inspire hope and knowledge that other worlds are possible, and also help build them. We compile and bring to light just alternatives that are flourishing throughout the world, and open up new pathways for the public to adapt and integrate them. Globally, we support the movements that are propelling the alternatives. In the U.S., we seek to draw in new participants and strengthen existent efforts for economic, social, and gender justice; environmentally sound systems; and participatory democracy. Job Description: The Another Haiti Is Possible Coordinator advances Other Worlds’ political and programmatic objectives in Haiti. These include: (a) strengthening struggles of movements there, in ways they themselves identify, for democracy, land security, food sovereignty, gender justice, and human rights; […]

Help Us Power Haitian Solutions

December 18, 2014 Dear Friend, I have seen so much change in Haiti in my lifetime. If you could see what I see daily, you would be filled with hope for my country too. I see Haitian solutions bringing justice. And justice bringing hope for stability and prosperity. Every day, our office in Port-au-Prince is filled with grassroots activists organizing, holding press conferences and strategizing with our team of lawyers. From there, the activists go out to change the unjust structures that keep the Haitian people down. Women’s groups pack courtrooms, changing the dynamics that intimidate rape victims and even make their lawyers feel uncomfortable. Demonstrators attract national and international attention to social issues, and that attention brings pressure for change. Labor leaders return to their unions with the legal tools they need to enforce their rights and earn their […]

New BAI Blog on Civic Engagement Program

December 17, 2014 Bureau des Avocats Internationaux has just launched a blog about their new Civic Engagement Program! The program, which officially launched the first week of December, seeks to educate 3 low-income communities about their human rights and help them claim them. This blog will keep us posted on its progress and achievements. The blog will be in English, French, and Haitian Creole. Check it out! 17 decembre 2014 Le Bureau des Avocats Internationaux a récemment lancé un blog sur son nouveau Programme d’Engagement Civique! Le programme à officiellement pris naissance au cours de la première semaine du mois de décembre. Il veut travailler dans la formation de 3 communautés défavorisées en ce qui attrait à leurs droits humains et aussi de les aider à revendiquer ces droits. Ce blog nous tiendra au courant de ses progrès et de ses réalisations. Le blog sera en anglais, en français, […]

Why Haiti Needs Us to Support Justice

December 8, 2014 Dear Friend, In trying to explain the historic importance of the work of the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH) and its partner the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI), it is tempting to say that words fail me. But that is not exactly true. I was so moved by their fight for justice in Haiti that I wrote over 100,000 words about it, in the form of the book How Human Rights Can Build Haiti. Many of us in the U.S. shy away from calls to justice. Instead, our natural reaction to suffering is more often to engage in acts of charity, as evidenced by the tens of thousands of folks from the U.S. who actively support mission-related work in Haiti. Schools are built, wells are dug, and medicine delivered. I applaud and admire these […]

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