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Ile a Vache Residents Continue to Fight for Their Rights

Ile a Vache residents continue to protest as their voices continue to be ignored in the decision to develop the island as a tourist destination. A community leader, Jean Maltunes Lamy, has been arrested with no charges against him and no trial. His wife, proud that the arrest was for a noble cause, is rallying the community to fight for his release. Ile a Vache Population: ‘Martelly-Lamothe Are Selling Haiti!’ Dady Chery, Haiti Chery March 27, 2014 The La Hatte section of Ile a Vache, Haiti, is paralyzed by popular protests and roadblocks once again. The population calls for support from everywhere, especially the other parts of the island. The protests were occasioned by several recent actions. Environmental destruction by the Dominican company Ingenieria Estrella S.A. Construction crews ripped through several areas during the night before Wednesday, March 26, 2014, as […]

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