Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti

Report on Risks and Benefits of Mining in Haiti

Interest in mining in Haiti has grown with the success of mining in the Dominican Republic and the Haitian government’s calls for foreign investment. Unfortunately, the Haitian people have been left out of these discussions, despite the human rights and environmental risks faced especially by communities living near mines. This report discusses the challenges and opportunities of mining, as well as how it could impact Haiti as a whole. Part of the Executive Summary is below. Click HERE for the full text. Byen Konte, Mal Kalkile? Human Rights and Environmental Risks of Gold Mining in Haiti Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, Haiti Justice Initiative December 2015 ! Resident, Gode Since I was a little kid I have listened to my grandparents talk about the riches that are in the Haitian soil. We don’t have the tools we need to […]

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