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Thousands in Haiti march on Aristide’s birthday

by Randall White, Starting at the gates of former Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide’s residence in Tabarre, yesterday, thousands of Lavalas supporters began their spirited ten-mile march and demonstration ending up at the collapsed National Palace in Haiti’s capital. Along the way, thousands more joined the march as it passed the Aristide Foundation, turned west along the north-side of the airport past the strong and supporting neighborhoods of Sarthe and Cite Soleil. Finally, the march headed downtown through the Aristide stronghold of Bel-Air past the earthquake devastation of the National Cathedral and back down the hill to join the masses camped out in front of the National Palace to bring their demands. The crowd was estimated to be 7-8 thousand before it arrived at the Palace. Every year since the USA kidnapped their democratically-elected president, the People of Haiti […]

Indicted Death Squad Leader Holds Campaign Meeting in Haiti

By Kevin Pina Port au Prince, Haiti – HIP — Haitian activists in Port au Prince are accusing the Obama administration of turning a blind-eye to the political activities of alleged criminal bosses in Haiti while backing a ruling to exclude the widely popular Fanmi Lavalas party. The party of ousted president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, known as Fanmi Lavalas, was barred by current Haitian president Rene Preval’s handpicked election council from participating in parliamentary elections scheduled for Feb. 2010. The accusations made against the Obama administration by community leaders in Haiti stems from a recent meeting of theFront for National Reconstruction (FRN) held at a hotel in downtown Port au Prince on Dec. 19. The FRN gathering of former paramilitary commanders who helped oust former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide in a bloody takeover in 2004 was officiated by their party leader Guy Philippe. […]

Wife of abducted human rights activist in Haiti pleads for help

News HIP – It has been five months since the abduction and disappearance of psychologist and human rights activist Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine in Haiti. Since then, little has been said by Haitian authorities concerning the status of the investigation into his disappearance. The Haiti Information Project respectfully reprints this plea from Mr. Pierre-Antoine’s wife originally written on November 28 and addressed to the Haitian Minister of Justice Rene Magloire. To our knowledge, Mrs. Pierre-Antoine has yet to receive the courtesy of a response. Washington, November 28, 2007 To: Mr. Ren� Magloire Office of the Minister of Justice 19, Avenue Charles Summer Port-au-Prince, Haiti In its offices Mr. Minister, Today, November 28, 2007, my spouse, Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine will start his 116th day of captivity at the hands of his abductors. Powerless, but firm in the hope of his liberation, I cry […]

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