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51 Florida Groups and Leaders Ask Hillary Clinton Meeting and Views on Urgent Haiti Issues

October 20, 2016 27 Florida-based organizations and 24 other prominent Floridians have written Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton asking her to promptly inform them of her positions on crucial issues of concern to the Haitian American community, a key electorate, and for a meeting regarding these issues. Noting that “Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti, affecting two million Haitians; stranding hundreds of thousands; killing at least 1,000; obliterating tens of thousands of homes; destroying and inundating towns, livestock, crops, and livelihoods; and causing a surge in cholera cases,” they ask Secretary Clinton “to promptly inform of us of your views on the following concerns, which are of great importance to the Haitian-American community.” In successive sections, the letter describes policy needs and “asks,” all made more urgent by Matthew’s devastation, regarding the needs for U.S. leadership to eradicate Haiti’s cholera epidemic […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE United Front Washington DC, September 10, 2016: UNITED FRONT OF THE HAITIAN DIASPORA TO DEPLOY AN ELECTION OBSERVATION MISSION TO HAITI FOR THE 2016 ELECTIONS The United Front of the Haitian Diaspora will deploy an Election Observation Mission for the general elections of the Republic of Haiti, scheduled for the 9 of October, 2016. The UF, working under the guidance of the Haiti’s Conseil Electoral Provisoire (CEP), will assess the elections against national law and international principles for elections contained in regional and international law and standards. “The UF EOM’s presence will show the United Front of the Haitian Diaspora’s commitment to participate in the affairs of Haiti and the conduct of inclusive, transparent and credible elections in Haiti. The UF will not just focus on the election days, but on all aspects of the electoral process, including […]

Haitian Diaspora Advocacy for Cholera Justice Grows

That Haitian diaspora has the potential to be a strong force in the cholera justice movement, particularly because it is strongest in countries that have major influence on the United Nations–the United States, Canada, and France. The renewed calls for cholera justice were reinforced this week by Haitian cholera victims’ delivery of over 2000 letters to the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince. For the first time, several governments have also called for justice. If all of these groups continue to come together for cholera justice, the UN will have no choice but to be accountable. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Moving Closer to Justice for the Victims of Cholera in Haiti Beatrice Lindstrom, Boston Haitian Reporter May 12, 2016 Men Anpil, Chay Pa Lou Haitian cholera victims and diaspora leaders abroad are turning up the […]

60 Haitian Diaspora Groups and Leaders Urge U.S. Support for Elections Verification

Wednesday, Haiti’s interim president Privert announced the formation of a commission that will verify the results of Haiti’s elections. While many Haitians and human rights groups have been demanding a verification for months, the international community has categorically disapproved of such a commission. Sixty Haitian diaspora organizations and individuals wrote to Secretary of State John Kerry urging the U.S. to stop opposing a verification. According to the letter, “going forward with the final round of elections without first examining the impact of fraud on the results would cast a ‘cloud of political illegitimacy’ over Haiti’s next government.” Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haitian Americans to Kerry: Stop opposing Haiti elections recount Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald April 7, 2016 Sixty Haitian-American leaders and diaspora organizations are calling on the Obama administration to end its staunch […]

Diaspora Groups and Leaders Ask Kerry to Drop U.S. Resistance to Haiti Vote Fraud Inquiry

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Kermshlise Picard, Communications Coordinator, Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti;, 617-652-0876 Diaspora Groups and Leaders Ask Kerry to Drop U.S. Resistance to Haiti Vote Fraud Inquiry Boston, April 7 – 28 Haitian-American diaspora organizations and 32 political, religious and community leaders wrote to Secretary of State John Kerry today calling on the U.S. to support an inquiry into electoral fraud during the 2015 elections in Haiti. American officials have staunchly opposed the establishment of a verification commission to examine fraud allegations, a stance which has “undermined democracy while harming the United States’ credibility in Haiti,” according to the letter. Haiti’s electoral process has been stalled since January 22 when massive street protests forced the suspension of the vote. After singer-turned-politician Michel Martelly stepped down as president on February 7, a transitional government was put […]

La diaspora haïtienne avertit Kerry et Privert sur les élections frauduleuses

Plus de 140 organisations et individus haitiens ont écrit une lettre au secrétaire d’État John Kerry pour l’avertir de l’impact des élections illégitimes en Haïti. La lettre exhorte John Kerry à soutenir élections libres et honnêtes, dirigées par Haïtiens. Membres du diaspora haïtienne ont écrit aussi au Jocelerme Privert, président du Sénat d’Haïti, avec des préoccupations similaires. Ils pressent le Sénat de ne pas permettre à la communauté internationale pour forcer des élections frauduleuses de l’avant. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. La diaspora haïtienne se prononce contre les élections du 24 janvier Patrick Saint-Pre, Le Nouvelliste 20 janvier 2016 43 organisations haïtiano­américaines de la diaspora, 34 dirigeants politiques, religieux et communautaires, et 66 autres personnes ont écrit au secrétaire d’État John Kerry mardi critiquant « le rôle inutile que le Département d’Etat a joué dans la crise électorale d’Haïti […]

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